Review: Munchkin Toddler Cup, Snack Catcher & Cutlery

The people at Munchkin recently sent us a lovely box full of goodies to try out and review!


The first thing we noticed were the lovely bright colours. Every Munchkin product is loud with colour and it really makes a change from baby pink and baby blue items.

We started using everything as soon as we could and LP took to all three items immediately – She couldn’t wait to get them out of the packaging!

Munchkin 9oz Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup


This is the first cup that we’ve used that offers insulation – and it works! Drinks stay cold for a good few hours which is great if you’re out in the sun or in the car.


The cup also has a click down lid to stop spillages. LP couldn’t open the lid but could close it herself. This was great as it meant when she was done she could close the lid. I’m sure in time she’ll be able to open it herself too. The only issue with the click down lid is that when you open the lid it can flick liquid out from the straw. Other than that the cup was great – A good capacity, insulation and a lovely design.

20130816-222535 20130816-222507

Munchkin Click Lock Snack Catcher

LP has recently got used to the concept of a snack catcher and so she knew how this worked already. The lid pops off and is stored under the snack catcher whilst its being used which creates a carry handle on the side. When not in use the lid clips back in place keeping snacks fresh.

20130815-143737 20130815-143718

The snack catcher was a good size and very sturdy. It was easy to open (by adults), closed securely and LP found it easy to access the snacks. The lid creating a carry handle is a great design as it means that it can be attached to a highchair, pushchair or car seat without fear of it getting lost!

Munchkin Toddler Fork and Spoon Set.


LP has been getting to grips with cutlery for a little while now but often she’ll still alternate between cutlery and using her hands!

When we gave LP this cutlery set she picked it up immediately and used it with ease. The handles of both fork and spoon have a curve in them which I think helps her get the food onto the fork or spoon and then get it into her mouth. We find with a lot of other cutlery LP will find it hard to get the food onto the utensil to start with and the majority falls off before it reaches her mouth – This is why she will revert back to using her hands, especially with messier food.

It was great to see her able to use cutlery easily and naturally.

20130814-154912 20130814-154901 20130814-155200

Disclosure: We were sent the above items free of charge for the purpose of this review however, all opinions are my own.

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