Review: Moo Business Cards

Moo Business Cards

I decided quite recently that I should probably get some business cards made up with my blog details on for when I go to events and just to have to hand – you never really know when you might need to give someone your details.

I looked at a lot of companies when looking for business cards and finally decided on Moo. Moo Business Cards looked the most professional, where definitely not the cheapest but the business cards online looked the best quality compared to other business card printing companies. Moo doesn’t just make business cards though, they print postcards, stickers, mini cards, Christmas cards and more.

I played around for a while trying to design my business cards. I decided that really I wanted to upload a completed design and have the business cards look like a mini version of my blog. I spent an afternoon using every piece of software I could get my hands on… And got nowhere. Luckily my good friend Life With Munchers – and unbeknown to me, computer geek – came to the rescue and designed my business cards for me. She even emailed me a .pdf that was the exact spec that Moo needed. Amazing! I wish I was as talented as she is in a web design, graphic design, general design kind of way!

So I uploaded my design to Moo and opted for standard delivery. I ordered two boxes of Moo Business Cards, 100 in total and they arrived before I knew it. I hadn’t chosen ‘Luxe’ superior quality cards or ‘green’ ones or anything extra, just standard business cards. I was really impressed with the finished article. Not only were my business cards beautiful to look at and a really good mini version of my blog but they were fairly thick card with a slightly shiny finish to them. They felt really good quality and I was glad I hadn’t paid extra for the superior cards – the standard ones were perfect!

If you’re looking for business cards – for your blog or business, then Moo Business Cards great! The cards are well worth the money – good quality, quick delivery and easy to use system. You also don’t have to upload a completed design but can use their online software to design your own on the spot.

Moo Business Cards   Moo Business Cards

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post although I did use a discount code when purchasing my business cards.

3 thoughts on “Review: Moo Business Cards

    1. well done on the business cards Donna and ‘life with Munchers’ they look really really nice! I always get frustrated with having to quickly design my cards and spend an aweful amount of money on them at Moo. But one can not beat their quality and service!

      1. Thanks Niki, I was really impressed with the quality and speed. I’m finding now that they send me a discount code almost every week – will definitely be ordering from them in the future 🙂 Thanks for reading x

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