Review: Egmont – Millie Shares Book

We love books and I especially love books that are aimed at teaching children something. Millie Shares is definitely that kind of book! We have been trying to teach LP to share with her little Brother and anything that can help LP to understand about sharing is definitely a good thing!

Millie Shares Book

Millie Shares is about Millie and her favourite toy called Monkey. Millie won’t share with anyone, not even her best friend Lily and even keeps the toys at nursery for herself. Millie sees the other children playing together, sharing toys and realises that it’s more fun to play with your friends that to keep toys for yourself.

Millie Shares Book This book will have familiar moments for any parent who has lived through the ‘Mine!’ stage of learning and I remember clearly with LP how everything that was hers was ‘Mine!’, anything that was ours was ‘Mine!’ and anything, anywhere was ‘Mine!’. This phase thankfully doesn’t last forever but Millie reminded me a lot of one of LP’s first words.

Millie Shares Book

LP really enjoyed reading Millie Shares. Time will tell whether it helps her understand how nice it is to share toys but for now LP just loves to read about Monkey! The pages of the book contain lovely colour illustrations, easily recognisable characters and Millie Shares has just the right amount of writing to be a good length bedtime story for a 2+ year old. This would make a great addition to any child’s collection of books.

Millie Shares Book


Disclosure: We were sent this book for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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