Review: Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories

We love books – This is a recurring theme on this blog – We will happy have an infinite number of books in the house and LP reads all the time. I haven’t read myself as much as I would like since having children as I just don’t have the time – and blogging has taken over the times when I used to read too. However, we were recently sent Michael Morpurgo’s Christmas Stories book to review and this has changed things for me.

Review: Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories

I’ve heard of Michael Morpurgo – mainly from his book, and now film adaptation, War Horse. I wasn’t sure how a Children’s book of Christmas Stories could possibly be written by the same person as War Horse – such different topics but War Horse was a story that I loved, so real and emotive, that I was looking forward to sitting down with LP and reading this new book.

Review: Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories

I soon came to realise that the Christmas Stories book was a lot longer than many other books LP is used to – it contains 4 stories over 190 pages so quite heavy reading for a 2 year old! But LP and I have spent time reading the book together – her taking an interest in the illustrations on every page and me enjoying the stories.

Review: Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories

The four stories are reminiscent of War Horse – all being stories full of emotion and stories that you want to turn out well. All four stories are about Christmas and the way people feel at this time of year – families and people putting everything aside for Christmas day. The stories have themes such as friendships, the bond between animals and humans and real camaraderie.

Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories is beautifully illustrated by well known names such as Quentin Blake and every page gives something completely new to look at. LP loved every picture, pointing out people, ducks (geese) and anything else that she had a word for. Even though her attention started to drift at the actual story after a few pages the pictures kept for attention for a long while after and LP was happy for me to keep reading whilst she looked at the images on each page.

This really is a lovely book that will feature in our family reading times for, literally, years to come. The stories won’t date and will be relevant every Christmas and throughout the year.

Disclosure: We were sent the above book for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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