Review: Meadow Kids Sleepy Puppy Hand Puppet Book & Farmyard Animals Finger Puppet Friends

Hubby and I are huge book fans and love spending time reading with LP and we try to read a wide variety of books with her. Meadow Kids recently sent us two books that were different to our usual story books…

Sleepy Puppy Hand Puppet Book

Meadow Kids

This book has a hole through the centre of it and a glove puppet puppy attached so that Sleepy Puppy features on every page. At first having your hand in the puppet can feel quite awkward but once you’ve found a comfortable position it’s great to have such an interactive addition to storytime.

LP loved reading along with her Daddy – stroking Sleepy Puppy’s head and putting her hand in his mouth as she yawned. LP makes a cute sleeping noise when she knows someone is tired or going to bed and she made this noise throughout – the message of the book was definitely conveyed well to our 2 year old LP!

Meadow Kids       Meadow Kids

Sleepy Puppy and the other Meadow Kids Puppet Books merge a child’s love of soft toys with the quality time of reading. By the end of the book LP loved Sleepy Puppy and said Nar-Noo to him as he yawned and went to bed. A great book that we will definitely be reading often in the future!

Farmyard Animals Finger Puppet Friends

Meadow Kids       Meadow Kids

The first thing that caught my attention with this book is how Meadow Kids had thought to provide a good quality resealable bag with the book to keep the book and finger puppets in after you’ve used them – definite brownie points!The book came with 5 finger puppets – one for each character in the book. These are really well made with the only slight negative being that LP thought the sheep was a cat – although she does have limited animal knowledge so far!

LP really enjoyed the different characters in the book and how they came alive with the finger puppets. The constant interaction in this book kept LP interested throughout and she would have happily read the book over and over again.

Meadow Kids       Meadow Kids

The Farmyard Animals Finger Puppet Friends Book was great to sit and read. It also helped LP to learn animals, animal noises and the different aspects of a farmyard. This will be a book that we read during fun times in the future – it was too exciting for a wind down bedtime story!

Disclosure: We were sent the above books for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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