Review: The Little Green Sheep Mattress Protector

Ever since LP started potty training we have been in search of a decent mattress protector that would fit a single bed. Unlike many young children, both LP and Little Man went straight from a cot to a single bed around the time of their second Birthdays and so by the time they were potty training we were in need of a protector for the bed.

Little Man is starting to potty train soon and as luck would have it, The Little Green Sheep got in contact to introduce us to their range of mattress protectors. I was immediately impressed to see that not only did they go all the way up to single bed size but they also have protectors for many other hard to buy for mattresses – Stokke ones for example.


The Little Green Sheep sent us one of their Single Mattress Protectors and I loved it immediately. It was really thick and soft and the first thing I noticed was that it was silent. I know, bedding should be silent. But every other mattress protector we have had has rustled when you have moved in the bed and has made the bed feel in some ways like a hospital bed. The Little Green Sheep version is immediately comforting and homely.


The mattress protector was simple to fit on Little Man’s bed and can either just lay flat on top of the mattress or has elastic straps to secure the protector in place at the corners. Having the mattress protector purely on the top of the mattress allows the mattress to breathe around the sides.



We’ve found that the mattress protector is really absorbent, being made from luxury 100% organic cotton, and is also waterproof so although it soaks up any moisture it completely protects the mattress and has been great for the times when Little Man’s nappy has leaked or when he has been poorly in the night.


The Little Green Sheep Mattress Protector is hugely superior in quality to other protectors we have used in the past. It’s a huge bonus that it can be machine washer and you can even dry it in the tumble dryer too. I really have nothing bad to say about it – and Little Man has slept well since we put it on his bed.

The Little Green Sheep Single Mattress Protector has an RRP of £39.95


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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