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We love books – that really is no secret. Books feature throughout our family day and are one of LP’s true loves in life. We really cannot get enough of books! I recently came across a new publishing company My Little Big Town Books who gave us the opportunity to review a selection of their books.


My first thoughts on the books were that they looked so vibrant, fun and different! All three books were also a good length for LP’s age and I knew they’d be a hit!

The Monster Book of Numbers and The Monster Book of Colours were lovely books. Full colour pages and not too many words they satisfied LP’s thirst for reading immediately. She loved looking at the pictures and the monsters on each page. The Monster Book of Numbers counts up to 10 and then has the numbers 15, 25 and 50. LP is just starting to learn to count and books like this are perfect for her. My only concern is that in the book you are learning to count with monsters that have unfamiliar names eg ‘Two Squiddlepuss’ and ‘Five Gloops’. LP is learning numbers and using an unfamiliar item to count means that she also has to learn the monsters as well as the numbers. As she is only 2 and a half I think it would be easier if she learnt to count using familiar objects like fruit or animals. The monsters are great and incredibly inventive but would probably be better for slightly older children that already knew the basics of counting so they could learn and enjoy the new monsters more.



The Monster Book of Colours also featured unusual monsters but LP was happy when I asked her what colour each monster was – The names of the monsters didn’t really register for her and the book really helped her reinforce the colours as well as learn some less common colours like Lilac and Maroon. It also showed Black and White as colours for the first time in a book that we’ve read together – A huge plus point as now we can ask A what colour something black or white is and she knows the answer!



Where’s The Scone is a really fun counting book that rhymes throughout. It counts down from 10 and features a lot of different and unusual animals and food items. LP loved the full colour pages and the rhyming, especially as we read it in a sing-song manner. In places I felt the animals were slightly obscure to keep the story rhyming – For example animals used include Gnu, Bream and Quackers (Ducks). I would have preferred animals that LP would come into contact with – through TV, other books, toys or day trips as they are more worthwhile for her to learn but the obscure animals didn’t detract from LP’s love of the book – It’s also pitched on the back of the book as being a ‘Silly’ book so definitely in keeping with the description, very silly but fun!


LP really enjoyed the My Little Big Town books. They were all full of colour, fun and completely different to any other books LP and I have read. Overall I think they would be better suited to older children who already knew the basic numbers and colours so they could really focus on learning the new words and reading for fun.


Disclosure: We were sent the above books for the purpose of the review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. We have these books to review and Z loves them. It took him a bit of time to get into them because of the monster names but now he finds it hilarious 🙂

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