Review: Koo-Di Parent Kneeling Mat

Throughout the time we’ve been parents, bathtime has always been one of the nicest parts of our day. LP has always loved bathtime, loved having a splish splash and apart from when she was wearing a cast after breaking her leg, she has always had a great time in the bath. Little Man seems exactly the same so far, he loves the bath as soon as he feels the water on him and it’s great to see LM and LP having baths together – LP trying to wash her little Brother and Little Man being all excited at seeing his Sister so happy and enthusiastic!

The one things with bathtimes that has always been difficult is being comfortable whilst washing the children, keeping them supported and overseeing bathtime. We have always just knelt on the bathmat beside the bath but after just a few minutes we can no longer feel our knees and have to change position – not the best of things to be doing when dealing with a 2 year old and 7 month old in the bath at the same time!

Well, I was plodding along, putting up with my hurting knees and bath-mat-kneeling bathtimes when the lovely people at Koo-di sent us something that could make our whole bathtime easier – a Parent Kneeling Mat! When I first saw my immediate reaction was ‘Why did I not know about this earlier?’ It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t think to look for but once you see it you wonder how you’ve lived without it!

Koo-Di Parent Kneeling Mat

The Parent Kneeling Mat comes in the classic Koo-Di branded packaging – such amazingly vibrant colours that you just want to pick it up and take a look and the Parent Kneeling Mat matches the packaging – funky and fun! The Parent Kneeling Mat is really thick with just the right amount of padding in it to give comfort during bath time but it is also non slip for safety. One of the best features of the Parent Kneeling Mat is the hanging hook on the back – this has been great for us to store the mat on the back of the door when not in use but also to hang it up to dry it off after bathtime – LP loves to splash and we often get soaked during her baths!

Koo-Di Parent Kneeling Mat

We’ve loved using this Kneeling Mat and I know we’ll be using it for the foreseeable future. It’s a really good size, approx 40cm x 20cm and 4cm thick. It’s also mildew resistant which I was pleased to discover as we’re no stranger to bath toys going icky in the bathroom if they haven’t been used very often – you’ll be pleased to know that won’t happen with this Parent Kneeling Mat!

Koo-Di Parent Kneeling Mat

Disclosure: We were sent the above item for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own

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