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LP and Little Man have so many different apps – on their tablets, on mine and Hubby’s phones – apps everywhere. Each of their apps does different things – counting, writing, drawing, story telling. There is literally an app for everything. But what if there was just one app that had everything inside it that the children could ever need or want? One app that combined all of their favourite games and things to do?

headerStep forward KidzInMind, an app that really does have kids in mind. KidzInMind is so much more than just another app. It’s a whole interface dedicated to children – letting them learn and play in one safe and controlled environment with so much content that they’ll never run our of things to do. The app is controlled around one playroom area where the children can click on different things to launch each part of the app – and whole ranges of mini apps.


KidzInMind is home to so many mini apps – activities that are all free from advertising, with no hidden payments and created for educational purposes – whilst still being fun for any age child. Both LP and Little Man love KidzInMind and they will happily play it for an hour without getting bored, on a long car journey or just when having some quiet time.


Within KidzInMind parents can control how long the child can play for and also whether they have internet access or not – great if you don’t want them to download new apps within KidzInMind – if you’re on holiday or aren’t connected to wi-fi for example.

KidzInMind is aimed at children between the ages of two and six – great for children in the lead up to starting school. It’s great to find an app that both LP and Little Man can enjoy and take turns playing as it is suitable for both their ages.

In KidzInMind LP and Little Man love so many of the mini apps. They have spent time playing games – building, cooking and doing jigsaws. There are so many games to play that I just couldn’t list them all but it is easy for the children to access the mini apps, try them, see if they like them and if not move onto the next. Most of them they have played for a while though before moving on, a sign that they are engaged and enjoying the games right from the start.


There’s a huge range of animations to watch too – lots of mini cartoon series that the children really enjoy. They are a great alternative to watching TV and make such a refreshing change from all the characters on children’s TV. They all have educational themes too and the children really love to watch them.



Some of LP and Little Man’s favourite things to do in KidzInMind are the simplest – take photos of themselves, adding hats and wigs or superhero costumes, painting and drawing or making up simple story boards.




LP started school last September and there are so many mini apps that really help with her reading and writing – giving her words to practice and helping her pronunciation as well as teaching her how to spell new or familiar words.


Little Man’s favourite game is Dino Lab. It’s one mini app that includes a whole range of dinosaur themed games – dinosaur bone jigsaws, spot the difference and matching the dinosaurs. It gives him hours of entertainment and is just one of so many of the games inside Kidzinmind.





As a parent I am really impressed with the amount of content within KidzInMind and have the peace of mind that LP and Little Man won’t accidentally create a huge phone bill or access content they shouldn’t whilst using KidzInMind.

KidzInMind is fantastic and as it’s available on both Android and iOS it’s pretty much available to everyone. The first week of KidzInMind is completely free and after that you can pay just 79p per month for limited access or £2.99 per month for access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls. I am sure that if you tried it for the first week your children would love it just as much as LP and Little Man.


Disclosure: This review is in collaboration with Kidzinmind however all opinions are my own.

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