Review: Jowsa The Nappy Genie

We had a bit of an issue when planning our recent holiday to Cornwall – Needing to fit four of us, pushchair, travel cot, booster high chairs and luggage in the car. This is something I worried about endlessly beforehand. I even wondered what I’d do if going abroad. How do you travel with children and manage to take all the baby/toddler related paraphernalia with you? But not only take it with you but also not incur a huge excess baggage fee at the same time?!

Jowsa – The Nappy Genie, came to my rescue and saved me precious space in the car. You see, Jowsa offer a service where all your baby essentials can be delivered for a flat fee of £14.99 – On top of the cost of the products. This isn’t a service usually needed in the UK as obviously there are supermarkets and things everywhere to buy familiar baby products from but Jowsa wanted me to try the service to see how it would benefit holidaymakers going abroad.

Jowsa The Nappy Genie

On the Jowsa website they offer everything from nappies and wipes to baby food and even adult toiletries. Everything arrives well packaged with any products that could leak enclosed in plastic bags to stop the whole order getting ruined if the worst should happen. The order is then sent to your holiday accommodation ready for when you arrive.

There are so many benefits to the Jowsa service – You wouldn’t need to worry about finding the brands you’re familiar with in an unfamiliar country – Jowsa stock leading brands of all items. You would also be saved the stress of having to find somewhere to buy baby items as soon as you arrive on holiday and you wouldn’t need to worry about going over your luggage allowance and incurring excess baggage fees – Just nappies can weigh a huge amount without adding in baby food as well!

I have no immediate plans to take the children abroad. One of the reasons for this is I have no idea how I’d handle not only taking the children on a flight but also packing for all four of us to go with strict baggage allowances. Jowsa would definitely take some of the stress out of packing and the shipping charge of £15 is definitely worth it for not only saving the excess baggage fees but also the peace of mind that everything will be waiting for you when you get on holiday. I love having one less thing to worry about!

The prices of products on Jowsa are slightly higher than average UK prices but if you were buying the same products abroad you would definitely pay a premium for them, especially in tourist resorts. For example, a pack of 50 Pampers Active Fit size 4+ is £13.99, Huggies Pull Ups are £4.99, Johnson’s Baby Wipes are £2.99. The prices are in no way massively inflated but they’re not ‘bargain’ prices either. If you were to buy products on offer in the UK you would then risk paying the excess baggage fees at the airport – If you were to buy the products when you were on holiday they would more often than not be hugely more expensive than the standard UK prices – I think baring all of this in mind Jowsa would still come out on top for being a great service at a reasonable price.

Jowsa The Nappy Genie

Overall I think that the Jowsa service is a great way to relieve some of the stress of holiday packing and definitely a service I would use in the future. I didn’t realise services like Jowsa existed and for me it could even make the difference between holidaying abroad or in the UK.

Disclosure: Jowsa gave us a trial of their service for the purpose of this review however all opinions are our own.

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