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Even though we became parents over two and a half years ago, we have never managed to find the right change bag and have either resorted to using the popular ‘free’ one you get during pregnancy or the closest bag we can find. Don’t get me wrong, I love change bags. I have seen so many I love and could easily have bought but I had one problem – Hubby needed to use the bag too! When Hubby and I are out together he tends to carry the change bag – He prefers to carry it rather than have it hanging on the pushchair or taking up valuable space in the pushchair’s shopping basket. I have always been on the look out for a gender neutral but still stylish and practical change bag and have never been able to find one – Until now.

JJ Cole recently sent me their Metra Blue Diamond Change Bag to review and I instantly loved the unisex appearance – I knew it would be something that Hubby would happily carry. The other thing I instantly noticed was the addition of so many ‘extras’ with the change bag that I haven’t seen before. It comes with a separate changing mat compact, a dummy carrier and extra grips to carry the change bag on any style of pushchair easily.

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

The JJ Cole change bag is incredibly spacious and has more pockets and compartments than I know what to do with – There are two organiser pockets inside as well as two mesh compartments, a pocket on the back of the bag fastened by velcro, a big zip pocket on the front as well as a big flap that covers yet another pocket and some card holder style pouches. Each end of the bag also has an insulated bottle pocket that would be great for not only keeping bottles warm but also for keeping adult or toddler drinks cool too. The strap of the bag is a great length, easily adjustable and with the great addition of a removeable shoulder strap to keep it in place and comfortable.

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

The separate changing mat compact is fantastic – It has enough room for three nappies and a small pack of wipes meaning that you can grab this neat little bag and take it with you when your baby needs a change rather than taking the whole change bag with you – Great when you’re in restaurants, visiting friends or travelling.

Since getting the JJ Cole Metra Change Bag it has been our change bag of choice when out and about as a family or when Hubby goes out with either child by himself. Hubby prefers it over other floral, feminine change bags and loves the amount of storage space it provides – So many compartments and pockets!

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

The JJ Cole Change Bag is comfortable to carry and can be worn either on your shoulder or across body. The strap is also long enough to hang over pushchair handles or you can use the ingenious and innovative grips that come with the bag to attach it to the pushchair handles without using the changing bag strap. This is something I’ve never seen before, it is easy to attach and take off as well as holding the bag securely and neatly. Such a great idea!

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

JJ Cole seem to have thought of everything with this bag – A huge amount of space with a whole multitude of pockets, easy to take everywhere with you and great for men too! I’ve always had niggles with previous bags – Not enough compartments, no drink storage space, nowhere to put change or keys, too girly or only usable on a pushchair or carrying not both. JJ Cole definitely ticks our boxes!

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

Now that we have the JJ Cole Metra Change Bag in our lives I can’t imagine using a different change bag on family days out. I will still grab a girly bag to use when I’m out by myself but our change bag of choice will definitely be the JJ Cole Metra when Hubby’s around.

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

 The JJ Cole Metra Change Bag has an RRP of £54.99

 JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

Disclosure: We were sent the above bag for the purpose of the review however all opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Review: JJ Cole Metra Change Bag

  1. Oh I really like that wish I had held off buying my Pink Lining one now, that one’s fab! Glad you’re happy with it. I might need to trade the PL in! Seems to be a good price too! xx

  2. My OH really complains about my girly changing bags but I think this one would keep him happy too. It seems really functional and I love that it has pushchair clips, I can’t understand why all changing bags don’t have them!
    Pippa Ainsworth recently posted…Blog Your Heart OutMy Profile

  3. I love the way the bag hangs without using the straps! My husband tends to like to carry our changing bag too (and thankfully isn’t too fussy about it being a bit feminine haha)
    Love the colours of this one.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested
    Colette recently posted…Tried & Tested TuesdayMy Profile

  4. I love all the extras! The fact the changing mat carries the nappies and the wipes is amazing! Sam isn’t really that bothered about carrying our changing bags, but then none of them so far have been overly girly! I too love bags that clip directly onto the buggy, so much more secure than flapping around!
    Lauren recently posted…The beach in March – Living ArrowsMy Profile

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