Review: Huzi Dream Car

I always love to find toys that are a little bit different and when Huzi got in contact about their Dream Car I loved what I saw. Huzi Dream Car is unlike anything I have seen before. The cars are made of a natural wood base with wheels and come with two top car sections that attach really securely by magnets. On top of this, the top sections also work like a chalkboard so that your child can turn the cars into anything that they can imagine.

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

The first thing I noticed about the whole Huzi Dream Car package is how well presented and well made it is. The wooden car section and wheels feel incredibly hard wearing and are beautiful to look at. Both top sections make the Dream Car into really solid vehicles that wouldn’t look out of place on an executive desk – I think the Huzi Dream Car would really appeal to any age range.

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

Huzi Dream Car comes complete with a box of chalk and a built in blackboard eraser so that you can start creating your dream car straight away. LP isn’t quite at the age yet where she can draw anything recognisable but she asked me to draw flowers on the cars and had a great time drawing on them herself too. I’m looking forward to LP continuing to draw on the cars so I can see how her imagination grows as she does and one day she will draw her real dream car.

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

One thing that always worries me with blackboards is how well the chalk rubs off but with the Huzi dream cars the eraser worked well and for any stubborn chalk marks a little water makes the cars as good as new.

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

The Huzi Dream Car is so fresh and different. They are as much a piece of art as they are a toy and I love that we can keep the children’s artwork on display on the cars. These would make a perfect gift and are definitely a toy you would keep for years.

Huzi Dream Car has an RRP of $59.00

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

Review: Huzi Dream Car and Giveaway!

Disclosure: We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

118 thoughts on “Review: Huzi Dream Car

  1. I think I would draw lots of beautiful flowers on the dream car, but my daughter (3) would draw people, monsters, tigers and rainbows and flowers, and maybe a dinosaur or two!

  2. My daughter is just starting to be interred in letters and writing so I think the car would have her name written over it a thousand times!!

  3. I would try and draw the world as I am teaching my daughter at a young age the importance of other cultures and countries x

  4. I would draw in the windows and doors. However I might not get much of this done before my son would want to draw things of his own.

  5. I would let the kids imagination go wild, but knowing my kids My daughter would draw flowers, my son a space rocket and the baby is happy to scribble over everything…. including her brothers homework!!!

  6. Random doodles – everywhere on my desk are little doodles so I imagine I would have great fun doodling all over the car.

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