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We’ve had our fair share of night lights since LP was born. The most recent being the Gro Egg that we reviewed last year – A great room thermometer that gives a warm glow at the same time. We’ve also had a few baby monitors which have night lights built in. The one thing we have never tried is a dedicated nightlight other than plug in ones – All of which we have found to be either too bright, not bright enough or in the wrong area of a room to be of any use.

The Gro Company recently sent me their Gro Light and I was slightly sceptical. A night light that plugs into a light fitting? Something connected to my electrics?! In my baby’s room!? But I put these niggles aside to try the Gro Light out and I’m glad that I did.


The Gro Light clicks into the ceiling bayonet light fitting – or any lamp with a bayonet fitting – and the bulb is clicked in afterwards. The Gro Light has a dial on it to adjust the brightness – a great feature – and works using your normal light switch. When the light is off you click the light switch to turn the Gro Light on, another switch turns it off again and a further switch turns the main light on. It’s incredibly easy to operate and the only slight downside being that it isn’t compatible with dimmer switches – although the Gro Light is cheaper to run than leaving your dimmer switch on low.

There are so many times now, and when the children were newborn, where a night light was a necessity – Middle of the night nappy changes, that early days of breastfeeding where you have to see what you’re doing to get the baby latched on, midnight outfit changes where nappies have leaked and those frequent times where you wake and just want to check they’re ok. The Gro Light gives you a brightness of light that you’re comfortable with and a light that washes over the whole room, not just in one area. It’s also very quick to click on and off and if you need the full, normal light on you can switch between the two lights instantly.


We’ve loved using the Gro Light and have found it makes night wakings with Little Man a lot easier – I can immediately see where he is in the cot, find my way to the rocking chair easily to feed him. I’d recently been resorting to doing everything in the dark – even hunting around the cot for him! The Gro Light has been a welcome addition to the baby room and has made LM’s night feeds so much easier – Having the glow of the light makes it a lot easier to stay awake!

The Gro Light will be available from March (RRP £17.99) and I’d recommend it for any new parents or anyone looking to invest in a great quality but affordable night light.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. This is what we need at the moment..Freddie has developed a sudden and hellish fear of the dark and wants a light on all night, but he can’t sleep with the dimmest bulb in as he has always slept in the pitch black, door closed and and night light lamp isn’t enough for him. The two light switch thing is great.. Is this my solution!! X

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