Review: Gro-Clock & Gro-Egg

Having a baby and a toddler it is lovely to find a company that sell products to suit a wide span of ages – The Gro Company have products that cater from newborn upwards and we were lucky enough to be sent two of their products for review.


The Gro Company Gro-Clock is a great idea for a product – young children can’t tell the time using an actual clock so instead Gro have developed a clock with a simple face that shines blue with stars at night and yellow with a sun in the day time. The idea is that the child learns that when they can see the sun (on the clock) it’s day time and they can get up for the day and when they can see the stars they should be asleep.

The Gro-Clock comes with a story book that you read as part of your bedtime routine that explains to the child in a fun way how the clock works. It is full of loveable characters who club together to buy Percy Pig a clock to help him get up at the right time.

Gro-Clock and Gro-Egg

When you first use the clock you have to set the time and then you have two times that you can set – one is the time the child can get up in the morning and the other is when they can get up from a nap – however, if your child is like LP and doesn’t nap often or doesn’t nap at the same time each day, you can use this setting as a weekend wake up option – an extra hour in bed and a lay in!

LP loved reading the story at bedtime and she consistently started saying ‘Morning’ when the clock changed to day time after she woke up – she hasn’t yet actually got out of bed by herself but always lets us know that she’s awake by chatting. This morning chatter changed to ‘Morning, Morning’ once we introduced the clock.

Another good use of the clock is the light up face is also a great nightlight. The brightness can also be changed to suit your preference – a great feature as a lot of nightlights are set at just one brightness. The clock also has the option of having a digital clock displayed as well as the sun or star character.

Gro-Clock and Gro-Egg

The Gro-Clock is mains powered however it would be nice to have the option of batteries also for ease when travelling, camping or even just repositioning in your child’s bedroom.

The Gro-Clock is definitely worth getting if you have a frequent early riser!


The Gro-Egg is a nightlight and room thermometer in one. The Gro-Egg helps you keep a safe sleeping environment for your child at a glance – it glows red if the room is too hot, yellow if it’s just right or blue if it’s too cold. The Gro-Egg also comes with instructions on what a baby should wear when the room is each temperature.

Gro-Clock and Gro-Egg

The Gro-Egg gives off just enough light to be an effective nightlight and can be used from birth when the baby shares it’s parent’s room right the way through to older years – there really is no age cap on this product.

As well as the colour coded nightlight there is an LCD display that shows what the temperature is in the room. We have found since using the Gro-Egg that our house is very warm – even with never having the heating on we find it hard to get the Gro-Egg to stop shining red – however we did hold it in the fridge to make sure it was working! We have since been dressing Little Man in a lot less at night!

Gro-Clock and Gro-Egg

Like with the Gro-Clock, the Gro-Egg is mains powered. It would be nice to have the option of using batteries if we needed to.

A lot of baby monitors do have the same functions on them as the Gro-Egg, however, if you don’t use a baby monitor – if your child sleeps in with you at night, or if your baby monitor doesn’t have an inbuilt thermometer then this would be a great product for you.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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