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A few weeks ago I received a Fitbug Orb to review and was keen to see how it would fit into my lifestyle and whether it would help me become healthier and fitter over the following weeks. I wrote about my first impressions here.

Fitbug Orb

The Fitbug Orb is a small pebble sized gadget that you wear either clipped to you or on a watch style strap. The Fitbug then monitors your movements throughout the day and even when you sleep and calculates the quality of the sleep you’ve had as well as the number of steps you’ve completed in a day and the number of aerobic steps as well as how far you have walked and how many calories you have burnt.

Fitbug Orb

Setting up the Fitbug was straightforward by registering on the Fitbug website, downloading an app on my iPhone and following the instructions on both the website and app. The first week of wearing the Fitbug Orb monitors your movements to see how many steps you make naturally and then Fitbug Orb calculates a number of steps for you to aim for in future to increase your level of activity on a gradual basis.

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After the first week Fitbug Orb gave me an aim of 5k steps per day with a 3.3k aerobic steps and to consume 1.6k calories per day. I have never used the calorie counting/nutrition part of the Fitbug Orb apart from to see how many calories I have burnt on an average day however you are able to log on the website what foods you eat for Fitbug Orb to then calculate how many calories you have consumed. As I’m focusing pretty much on exercise at the moment and not dieting I prefer to not count calories, also as I’m pretty stuck on Weight Watchers as a dieting lifestyle choice calorie counting doesn’t fit in with this but it would definitely benefit people that like to count calories and diet that way.

I found it easy to have Fitbug Orb clipped to my bra strap under my clothing and it always gave me an accurate idea of the number of steps I had completed per day. I found when using it that when I am not at work my activity levels are very low but on a working day I easily exceed the number of steps Fitbug Orb challenges me to complete but completing the number of aerobic steps is more difficult. Also, on the days where I go running I easily exceed both the number of steps and aerobic steps. In hindsight I thought I was a lot more active than I actually am on my non working days and need to start doing more on those days.

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My main issue with the Fitbug Orb is the sleep monitoring. Some days I would put the Fitbug Orb into sleep mode and in the morning there wouldn’t be any data on it. Other days I would look at the data in the morning and it would say I had great quality sleep for an extended period yet they were times where I was up most of the night with a teething baby – One notable occasion I had less than 3 hours sleep all night and yet Fitbug Orb told me the following morning that I had 7+ hours sleep at 90%+ quality. I admit I gave up with the sleep mode after that!

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I love the fact that Fitbug Orb has both the clip to attach it to clothing and the watch strap although the clip part of my Fitbug Orb did split soon after starting to use it. Fitbug Orb has been great for me to monitor my day to day fitness and activity levels and I will keep using it to make sure I reach my step goals each day.

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Fitbug Orb would be great for anyone who wants to monitor their fitness, increase their activity levels and kick start a dieting and fitness regime. It’s a really good pedometer with so many extra functions that can suit everyone in one way or another. Although I didn’t get on with or use all of the options there are parts of the Fitbug Orb that I will continue to use indefinitely.

Fitbug Orb has an RRP of £49.95

Fitbug Orb
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