Review: Parragon – Everybody Loves Butterflies

As part of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme we were recently sent Everybody Loves Butterflies to review. It’s a beautiful book that I had never seen before and LP loved it immediately – shouting ‘Caterpillar!!’ at the picture on the front cover!

Everybody Loves Butterflies

Everybody Loves Butterflies tells the story of Little Caterpillar that didn’t like change, didn’t want to grow up and be a butterfly but wanted to be a caterpillar forever. It teaches children that it’s natural to be scared of change, that a lot of big changes happen in your life but once you take the big step and the change happens it can be a really good, positive thing.

Everybody Loves Butterflies

I think this book would be great for any child experiencing a change in their lives – moving home, a new sibling, starting nursery or even just moving to a big bed from a cot. The underlying theme in the book about change is really lovely and the actual story is great too – Little Caterpillar turning into a butterfly teaches about the life cycle and even has a page dedicated to the whole life cycle of a butterfly.

Everybody Loves Butterflies

The illustrations in the book are stunning, bright colours and a lot of characters who LP easily recognised – Caterpillar, Butterfly, Bees, Swan, Birds, Spider. Little Caterpillar is a loveable character and you cannot help but relate to his nervousness at becoming a butterfly – there have been situations in life where we’ve all felt like Little Caterpillar.

Everybody Loves Butterflies

Overall Everybody Loves Butterflies is a great addition to any bookshelf and LP loves to read it – and point out the caterpillar in his sleeping bag (cocoon!). I’d definitely recommend this book as LP loves it and it’s enjoyable for Hubby and I to read to her.

Everybody Loves Butterflies has an RRP of £5.99

Everybody Loves Butterflies

Disclosure: We were sent the above book as part of the Parragon Book Buddies Scheme however all opinions are my own.

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