Review: Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

LP loves toys, any toys – She has a huge imagination and plays constantly with everything from her wooden kitchen, to her play telephone and cuddly toys. LP just loves to play.

We were recently sent the Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo toy to review. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Doc McStuffins it’s a TV show where Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, a six year old girl, ‘fixes’ toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. As with most TV shows there are a lot of spin off toys and Lambie Boo Boo is one of them!

Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

The idea of playing with Lambie Boo Boo is to make Lambie feel better. Lambie’s tummy lights up with a red light and she makes an ‘Oww’ noise repeatedly when her tummy hurts. You then need to use a syringe to make Lambie feel better – by pressing it on a heart shape on Lambie’s bottom. The red light disappears and Lambie makes a  happy sound when she has recovered. This whole concept for a toy was very alien to me – I’ve never even thought about toys feeling pain before – apart from watching Toy Story! If Lambie isn’t ‘cured’ within three attempts she goes into ‘sleep mode’ – and thankfully doesn’t ‘ow’ indefinitely! Once you’ve cured Lambie once her tummy lights up red again after minute or two and you need to cure her again. I imagine that long term this could get incredibly repetitive and we found with LP that she lost interest in curing Lambie after an hour or so of playing. However, she was happy to cure Lambie a few times a day with intervals of playing with other toys in between. LP loved trying to feed LP ‘medicine’ with the syringe and knew exactly what the syringe was for – although using it on Lambie’s bottom took her a few attempts to understand – injections in bottoms isn’t a concept LP has come into contact with before – It would probably be better if you had to feed Lambie medicine which is a concept many more children understand.

Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy  Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy  

Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy  Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

Other than the ‘curing Lambie’ function, Lambie’s hand can be pressed to turn on a yellow night light in her tummy. LP loved this! She’d turn the light on and tell us “Little Light!!” while pointing at it. LP has never taken toys to bed but I can see this being a great comfort toy at bedtime, although the night light stays on for only 10 seconds and then Lambie’s hand needs to be pressed again – I’m not sure how functional this would be as an actual night light and would keep the child awake with them pressing her hand every 10 seconds.

Lambie is incredibly soft and a really well proportioned soft toy – a perfect size for toddler cuddles. She is also a great representation of the character from the Doc McStuffins TV show and LP loves giving Lambie Boo Boo cuddles and generally playing with her – she just isn’t that fussed about curing her!

Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

Lambie Boo Boo is aimed at children over 12 months and I think that at this age it would mainly be used as a cuddly toy where as slightly older children would be able to cure Lambie and appreciate the night light, however, both functions would lack longevity and I would rather choose a toy that was more interactive or I would just buy a soft toy. I found Lambie disappointing – especially as it didn’t even come supplied with demo batteries.

Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

Disclosure: We were sent the above toy to review however all opinions are my own.



2 thoughts on “Review: Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy

  1. I bought the Lambie Boo Boo for my 4 year old daughter as she loves Doc McStuffins and I have to say that she was not as excited about it as I thought she would be. As you say it is a bit repetitive and boring in terms of making Lambie feel better and as a night light it doesn’t stay on long enough to fit that description. She loves Lambie as a cuddly toy and uses the Doc McStuffins medical set to make Lambie, her other Doc McStuffins cuddly toys and any other toy she has feel better and get check ups. She does give Lambie loads of cuddles and in this respect Lambie is perfect.

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