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The children love magazines and one of the latest they have been enjoying is Clanger Magazine, which we were lucky to be sent prior to it’s release this week. I really love sharing things with the children that I enjoyed as a child and Clangers automatically takes me back to my childhood.



The Clangers Magazine was an immediate hit with a Clangers figure and whistle attached to the front. LP and Little Man claimed one each and then we sat down to start reading Clangers magazine.


The first thing the children noticed about Clangers Magazine was the amount of stickers in it. There’s a really well laid out sticker page with stickers to put through the magazine and LP and Little Man loved finding which page the stickers went on and putting them in the right places.



Clangers Magazine is packed full of activities – there are full colouring pages, writing practice, mazes, counting games and so much more. Every page is covered in things to read, things to do and games to play.


Throughout Clangers Magazine there are stories and things to read and the whole magazine really helps the children get to know the characters more. Tiny is without a doubt their favourite and whenever she appeared on a page the children would get excited and point her out.



There is so much to do in Clangers Magazine that LP and Little Man have hardly scratched the surface. They’ve loved sticking the stickers in the right places and reading the stories but still have so many of the activities to work their way through. Clangers Magazine offers great value for money and is the sort of magazine that would keep a child entertained for long journeys, down time on a holiday or just as a treat at home. Every aspect of it is educational and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again in the future.

The first issue of Clangers Magazine is £2.99 however the subsequent issues will be £2.85


Disclosure: We were sent the above magazine for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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