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I have probably said before in this blog that I’m not the world’s greatest fan of coffee. In all honesty I can’t stand the stuff. However, I do adore the smell of it. Coffee is one of my all time favourite smells and I love it when our house smells of coffee – it smells like home. Why do I have a coffee-smelling house if I can’t stand the stuff? Because one of Hubby’s great loves in life is coffee! Hubby has a fancy coffee machine, enjoys good coffee and would drink it all day if he could – he’d have to drink it all night then too as he would never sleep through caffeine intake!

Christmas Coffee

Because of our mixed views of coffee this is a joint review. When the coffee arrived it came in bubble wrap in a plastic postage envelope. This really isn’t relevant at all except that when I opened the envelope the amazing smell of the coffee poured out into our kitchen. It was the strongest, loveliest coffee smell I have smelt in such a long time – and Hubby drinks a lot of different varieties of coffee. The Cherizena Christmas Coffee promises an aroma reminiscent of plum pudding and it doesn’t disappoint – The coffee smells very much like coffee but with a dense puddingness to it. It was a glorious smell.

Christmas Coffee

Hubby then put his machine to work. We were given a sample pack of ground coffee – beans are also available – which was enough to make one big pot of Christmas Coffee. Hubby opened the pack of coffee and immediately brought it over to me to smell, not realising that I’d had that pleasure before the pack was even opened! Hubby agreed that the coffee smelt just like Christmas. He commented that is smelt of rum and reminded him of Christmas pudding – that was without him reading the packet  that states it’s a combination of rum, hazelnut, cinnamon, vanilla, orange and pecan nut flavours.

Christmas Coffee

Hubby made a pot of coffee and drank it over the course of the day – he will no doubt not be able to sleep tonight because of it – all in the name of research! He then decided to have half the coffee black and half with milk. The black coffee was easy to drink with no bitter after taste – he’s now saying this to me and I’m wishing I’d tried it, the after taste being the thing that normally puts me off coffee! Hubby didn’t need to add any extra sweetener to the coffee as it tasted good as it was. He enjoyed the flavours both with and without milk but didn’t have a preference either way – both black and with milk were delicious! He commented that the flavours were better than seasonal coffees offered at High Street coffee chains and you could tell that Cherizena is a premium coffee brand.

Christmas Coffee

Hubby now wants to buy this coffee again for the lead up to Christmas. I can’t blame him – to have the house smelling like Christmas Coffee and to enjoy the taste of Christmas in your own home is definitely a festive treat! Cherizena coffee also comes decaffeinated if you prefer but Hubby has always said that there’s no point to coffee without the caffeine! Cherizena coffee would make a great gift for coffee lovers or a festive treat for yourself. They also do a huge range of regular or flavoured coffees so there is something for everyone – apart from me, I’ll stick to a pot of tea!



Disclosure: We were sent a sample pack of coffee for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. When I am gainfully employed I always buy the flavoured ground coffee. I make sure I have some in as a treat at Christmas and that is it nowadays, sadly. I like the hazelnut one and the creme caramel. I’ve not heard of this particular brand, though. I usually get mine on Amazon or Ebay.

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