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Now that I’m on Weight Watchers I don’t bake as often as I did through pregnancy – But given an excuse I love to get in the kitchen and bake. I tend to stick to my firm favourites though – Marble Cake, Banana Cake, Rock Cakes. Things that I can bake with my eyes closed and things that don’t need any skill or artistic flair. I’ve always steered clear of pretty cakes or anything that needs any technical skill, that is until Cake Angels sent me a goodie bag of products to try out!

Cake Angels Products

I hadn’t heard of Cake Angels before but from what I have seen from their products Cake Angels set out to make imaginative, beautiful and creative baking a possibility for everyone. I have to admit, receiving this selection of products did seem quite daunting to me. Someone who bakes wholesome loaf cakes not dainty cupcakes with masses of fancy icing. But, I’m always up for a challenge and thought at best I would find something that will make creative baking achievable for me and at worst I’d create a baking disaster that looked awful but tasted great anyway – Cake is cake after all!

The selection from Cake Angels included Chocolate Fudge Icing, a pack of chocolate sprinkle, a pack of girly pink sprinkles, a pack of sugar animals, a pack of sugar flowers, a bag of marshmallows and a pack of candles. Unfortunately most of the sugar animals got broken in transit but the rest of the Cake Angels products arrived in perfect condition, ready to use!

I found a basic chocolate cupcakes recipe and set about baking whilst the children were having breakfast – LP loves to watch me bake and I prefer her watching that joining in just yet! The cupcakes looked pretty good when they came out the oven and I set them aside to cool.

With the help of Twitter and google I worked out that a tub of icing can be used just as you would homemade icing – Amazing! So I decided the best option was to try and get the icing to look pretty on the cupcakes and then stick on some pretty things. You can tell I don’t do pretty baking can’t you?!

I sent Hubby out to buy an emergency palette knife as it’s the one thing I have never found a need to buy – until now! Palette knife in hand I set about dollopping icing on the cakes, swirling it around and then dunking it in sparkles, balls and choc bits!  Technical, yes?

Well, the finished result, considering my lack of pretty baking history and technical ability was pretty impressive even if I do say so myself! Cake Angels gave me the motivation to bake AND to make it look pretty and I think with their help I can safely say I succeeded!

Cake Angels Products

I have never bought ready made icing but think it may be something I’ll be buying in future. Also, sparkly bits, chocolate things and other goodies to stick on cakes makes the beautifying process so much easier! If someone like me can make attractive ‘eat me now’ cakes then anyone can – With a little help from Cake Angels!

Cake Angels Products

Oh, and before you ask, they tasted pretty damn good too!

Cake Angels Products

Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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