Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug

We have been loving our picnics this summer and Buy A Kilt recently sent us a new tartan rug to review and we thought it would be the ideal thing for our picnics!

Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug - and Giveaway!

The Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug comes in a choice of 12 colours which are all a beautiful tartan design but with so many colours to suit every lifestyle. We chose the Antique Buchanan rug which has a lovely mix of burnt orange and blue.

Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug - and Giveaway!

The Tartan Rug isn’t just a rug. It can be used as a throw, a blanket for snuggling in on a cooler evening – or in the afternoon watching a movie if you’re anything like our LP. They also make a great picnic rug as we’ve found out or would be lovely as an extra layer on the bed. The Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug is an incredibly versatile product that has uses all year round.

Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug - and Giveaway!

We found the Tartan Rug to be a great size at 5ft x 6ft. It feels incredibly well made and is really thick – made from 100% new wool it’s very durable and wears well. The fringed edge is a really nice touch that we loved. I do tend to find wool items slightly itchy but this is more me than anything to do with the product and using it as an extra layer on the bed or as a picnic blanket doesn’t make me itch at all!

Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug - and Giveaway!
Disclosure: We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

96 thoughts on “Review: Buy A Kilt Tartan Rug

  1. The Royal Stewart Tartan Blanket Rug looks just like what my nan and grandad always had folded up on the parcel shelf in their old nissan micra, memories.

  2. The Ramsay blue as it reminds me of when we were kids and wore this tartan as a kilt as I grew up in Scotland and Ramsey is my maiden name

  3. Heritage of Scotland – my fave tartan in general, hubby always has to hire similar to that when hiring a kilt! x

  4. I like the Graham of Menteith, as it’s my clan’s tartan! We had our history researched and we’re allowed to wear these colours. πŸ™‚

  5. My step-father’s surname is Logan and they do make a Logan Tartan (although quite rare).

    I like the Jacob Tartan though <3

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