Review: Bumbo Floor Seat, Tray and Cover

Our first experience of the Bumbo Floor Seat was when we had LP. LP was too small for a normal high chair and so when we started weaning we invested in the seat to use during meal times.

Zoom forward over 2 years and there have now been some enhancements made to the Bumbo Floor Seat with the addition of a safety harness. If you have one of the original, strapless, Floor Seats then there is some important safety information you should be aware of – more information is available on their website.

The Bumbo Floor Seat is designed to be used by babies who can support their own head but cannot yet sit up by themselves. The shape of the seat supports the baby’s posture and helps them to interact with their surroundings.


Little Man has been using the new seat as an alternative to laying on the floor. He loves to sit in the seat and watch LP playing. We’ve also started giving him a plastic spoon to chew on and a first stage cup to hold and play with when he is in the Floor Seat. This should help his coordination so that we can start baby led weaning next month!

Bumbo     Bumbo

The Bumbo has a three point harness that fastens around Little Man’s waist and keeps him securely in the seat. This is a great addition to the Floor Seat as I would have been concerned about LM pushing himself out of the seat otherwise – he has huge strength in his legs and just wants to be standing all the time! The Bumbo now has a range of covers that you can buy for it of varying styles and we have been sent one to try out. The cover protects the seat and makes it fit in with whatever style decor you may have. The Bumbo cover is made from hard wearing, breathable material and can be machine washed. The cover definitely adds to the look of the seat and it’s great that you can choose whichever one suits your mood or surroundings – like clothes for your Bumbo! The only thing we found was that with the cover on the Bumbo the harness was harder to undo and get Little Man out of – purely because there was slightly less room around him.


The Bumbo also has a play tray that attaches to it so that your baby can play with toys or eat while sitting in the Floor Seat. The play tray is a great feature and has really helped Little Man to get better coordinated in picking up his spoon, taggy blanket or cup. The tray is also slightly harder to get on the Bumbo when the cover is on.


The Bumbo is a product that we will definitely be using for the next few months and it’s a product that most babies could use from 4 months until they no longer fit in the seat – The recommended age is 12 months although LP can still sit in it now at 2 as she is so tiny! For us, the Bumbo is definitely an essential item especially during weaning.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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