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We are huge fans of the Boon brand after reviewing their bath toys range earlier in the year. We are lucky enough to have been sent a selection of Boon tableware for Little Man to try out and review including a pack of three Plates, a Catch Bowl and Benders Cutlery. I immediately loved the bold colours and streamlined designs.

Boon Baby Tableware

Boon Plates

The Boon Plates are a great size and come in green, blue and orange. They have non slip bases and stay in place really well when in use. These have been Little Man’s first experience of plates and I was worried about him just throwing them on the floor but the rounded lip of the plate makes it hard for him to grip enough to pick up easily although he has managed to pick it up at least once every meal time – This is something we need to teach him not to do though rather than any fault with the plate.

Boon Plate

LP has been using the plates too and loves to pick her own colour at meal times. The Boon Plates have an RRP of £12.99 for a pack of three and are dishwasher safe. My only slight issue with these plates is that because of the depth of them they don’t stand in my dish drainer after I’ve washed them up – The slots aren’t quite wide enough to accommodate them! Not really a real issue at all but thought I’d mention it.

Boon Plate

Boon Catch Bowl

The Boon Catch Bowl has a rubber runway to catch any food that the child drops and it flops back into the bowl so limits waste as well as a suction bottom to stop the bowl being pulled off the table and thrown on the floor.

The suction bottom is great – When I first stuck it to the side I pulled as hard as I could and the bowl stayed where I’d put it, I couldn’t get it off the side. However, I did find that over the course of a meal the bowl would work itself loose and it would need pushing down again.

Boon Catch Bowl

The rubber runway to catch food is a great idea although as this was LM’s first experience of any kind of bowl he was very intrigued by it and loved the squish the runway rather than actually eat food! I’m sure in time he’ll get used to the bowl and the catch element and eat naturally rather than playing with it.

The Boon Catch Bowl has an RRP of £7.49 and is dishwasher safe.

Boon Catch Bowl

Boon Benders Cutlery

The Boon Benders are the strangest set of cutlery I have ever seen! They are funky to look at with vibrant colours and a really fun design but they bend in any direction you need them to. You can either position the Benders utensils at the right angle for your child’s stage of development or when they’re older as they scoop and use the cutlery they will bend naturally to help them not only get food onto the fork and spoon but also to help them get it into their mouths.

Boon Benders

Little Man only uses a spoon at the moment that we load with food for him and hand to him – He has fruit pouches and yogurts like this and gets excited the minute he sees a spoon! I tried the Boon Benders in a few positions and he got them into his mouth each time and was a lot more attached to the spoon that the normal spoons we use – He was happy to sit and chew on it for a while! The ends of the utensils had a fairly deep recess which was good for holding the food in place rather than it dripping off.

Boon Benders

The Boon Benders utensils are easy for Little Man to hold as they have a good amount of grip on them. He also seems to like them which is a definite bonus! The Boon Benders are easy to bend to adapt to your child’s ability as they learn to feed themselves and we’ll be introducing Little Man to that idea over the next couple of months.

Boon Benders have an RRP of £5.99 and are dishwasher safe.

Boon Benders

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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