Review: Boba 4G Baby Carrier

I’ve spoken before about my love of babywearing. It’s not really something I embraced much with LP but now with Little Man there are times when it makes life so much easier – Often I find a single pushchair and baby carrier a lot more manageable than a double buggy and often LP will want to walk – Having LM in the carrier leaves my hands free to deal hold LP’s hand or help her if I need to.

I was recently sent the Boba 4G by Slumber-Roo, their UK distributor, and I had been looking forward to trying out a soft structured carrier as up until now I have had limited experience of them – I used a wrap style carrier when LM was smaller although I decided a couple of months ago a more supportive carrier would be a good investment!

Boba 4G Baby Carrier

When we received the Boba 4G I was immediately impressed with the amount of literature that came with it. A fully illustrated instruction booklet as well as leaflets on Benefits of Babywearing and Babywearing Safety – Neither of these told me anything new but reinforced what I already knew and would be great reading for anyone starting out with their first baby carrier – The best positions to carry your baby in as well as things to watch out for to make sure they’re always comfortable, supported and able to breathe freely. These are the sort of things that you get used to checking as second nature fairly quickly.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier Boba 4G Baby Carrier 

The Boba 4G can carry your baby on both your front or back and the carrier is incredibly easy to put on and put the baby into – Full instructions are included. Every part of the Boba 4G is adjustable – the waist strap, arm straps and back as well as the protective sleeping hood that attaches to the Boba 4G. The Boba 4G also comes with a newborn insert so unlike other carriers you don’t need to buy any extra parts to use it with your new baby, providing the baby is over 7lb. The Boba 4G also has detachable foot straps – a great addition that I’ve never seen on any carrier before.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier Boba 4G Baby Carrier

I found that the Boba 4G had little extra additions that other carriers haven’t got – as well as the foot straps, the Boba 4G had multiple storage pockets for keys, phone, toys, muslin – whatever you need with you. It also has a clever clip on the shoulders to hang toys or keys from but is branded as a ‘purse hook’ to keep your bag in place! Such a lovely novelty – I found it great for clipping my camera strap in place – Amazing!

The Boba 4G was easy to put on with all straps being easily reachable. When Little Man was in the carrier his weight was evenly distributed and even though he is nearly 20lb I didn’t notice his weight at all. LM isn’t big enough to use the foot straps yet but they were incredibly easy to clip in place – as was the hood which we keep rolled up in the back pocket of the carrier. The hood would be great for windy or wet days and it’s really good that it’s detachable. The back of the carrier also comes up higher than a lot of other carriers as well as the seat of the carrier being really wide, both give the baby more support and add to the snug feel of the carrier.

Overall Little Man loved being in the Boba 4G and fell asleep in it easily – a sure sign of a comfortable baby! He isn’t yet big enough to try a back carry but when he is the instructions look as simple to follow as the front carry. This is an incredibly versatile baby carrier that could potentially last from newborn well into toddlerhood. If you’re looking for a carrier then this could well be the option for you – I honestly cannot fault the Boba 4G.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier

The Boba 4G is available from Slumber-Roo for £94.50.

Disclosure: We were sent the above baby carrier for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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