Review: Ben and Holly Playground Playsets

LP and Little Man love Ben and Holly and they were so excited when we were sent two of the new Ben and Holly Playground Playsets to review. We were sent the Magical Swing and Magical Slide Playsets to review which are part of a range of three Playground Playsets.

The Magical Slide Playset includes a solid slide play section and a Holly figure. This is a really basic toy with literally a slide for Holly to slide down and not much else to it.



The Magical Swing Playset is slightly more involved with two swings that move and another Holly figure. It would be nice if the three different play sets in the range could all include different Ben and Holly characters so that you don’t end up, like us, with two – or even three – Holly figures and Ben nowhere to be seen.



The two playground playsets link together nicely and a third would also link on beside them. This makes them a more rigid toy with more play options. The playground playsets would make a great addition to any Ben and Holly collection and work in conjunction with the other Ben and Holly playsets available – like the Treehouse we reviewed last year.



I don’t think that one playset would give much play value but two or three of the playground playsets would keep a child entertained for longer. Little Man loved making Holly go down the slide and swing on the swings although getting Holly to stay in the swings did prove a bit fiddly.



I think for the price you are really paying for the Ben and Holly brand with these sets. It’s disappointing that even after collecting all three you don’t have a Ben figure and really I would feel these would be better value sold as a set of all three with just the two Ben and Holly figures. However, if you already have a Ben and Holly collection and want another toy to add to it then the playground playsets would be a good investment.

The Playground Playsets have an RRP of £9.99 each

Disclosure: We were sent the above toys for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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