Review: The Basket Company Children’s Basket

The Basket Company recently sent us a beautiful Child Size Mini Shopping Basket to review and LP loved it straight away. The basket is a perfect size for role play shopping, child sized picnics or a great basket to use when going Trick or Treat-ing soon.

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

LP loves bags and loves to play shops so the basket was a great addition to our toy collection. LP loves to fill the basket with anything that she can find and then tells me that she is going to go on a picnic, which she then acts out with Little Man – Children are so cute!

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

The Basket Company do a vast range of baskets for every single use and if our children’s basket is anything to go by they are well made and great value too – This basket is a huge bargain at just £5.50! If you’re looking for more storage options around your home or decorative accessories then The Basket Company would be a great place to look.

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

Disclosure: We were sent the above basket for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

68 thoughts on “Review: The Basket Company Children’s Basket

  1. This is super-cute. My kids have a really weird habit of putting ‘stuff’ in ‘stuff’ so like the baby buggy is full of shoes and their plastic kitchen utensils and things. So they would love this basket to put in there, and then put other ‘stuff’ in the basket.

    Makes perfect sense… 🙂 x

  2. I like the Water Hyacinth storage baskets. This is a great way to use this rapid growing plant that often takes over and blocks up rivers and waterways.

  3. i love the idea of the little shopping basket as my daughter is shopping mad but also love the wicker storage box too.very practical

  4. I like the White Wash Water Hyacinth Stair Basket. I would like to get one as I always have things to take up the stairs! (Don’t we all!)

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