Review: Cherizena Banoffee Pie Coffee

We’re really enjoying reviewing Cherizena Coffee each month and sharing the new coffee flavours with you. As you’ll know by now, Hubby is the coffee fan in our house and he loves putting his coffee machine to good use when the samples arrive!

Cherizena Banoffee Pie Coffee

This month’s Cherizena Coffee is the Banoffee Pie flavour. Hubby was quite looking forward to this – He usually only has ‘flavoured’ coffee syrups at Christmas so getting a flavoured coffee out of the festive season was a great novelty for him. The coffee arrived and even without opening the packet you could smell the dessert like richness of the coffee – I’m not a coffee fan and I even loved the smell! It had a lovely sweet but still coffee like aroma. I couldn’t wait for Hubby to put it in his coffee machine and as soon as he did the whole house smelt of Banoffee Pie, not in an overpowering or sickly way but in a yummy, homemade, just out of the oven kind of way. I have never smelt anything like it from a pot of coffee before, the smell was truly delicious.

We chose to review the filter coffee although all of Cherizena’s coffees come in Espresso, Filter, Percolator and Whole Bean options. The pack we were sent was big enough for a couple of big pots of coffee – I made sure that Hubby didn’t use all the coffee in one go so that I could appreciate the house smelling lovely all over again on another day!

When the coffee had brewed it was a lovely dark caramel colour and Hubby had it with milk. The coffee tasted just like banoffee pie without being too sweet or overpowering and you could still taste the underlying coffee flavour. Hubby would definitely have this coffee again in the future and found it to be a good introduction to flavoured coffee as opposed to flavoured coffee syrups. This is definitely easier than buying a separate coffee syrup and something we’re looking forward to trying more of in the future – I’m already looking at other flavours to see what the house could smell like!

Cherizena Banoffee Pie Coffee

Cherizena Coffee varies in price starting at £3.00 for a 115g packet.

Disclosure: We were sent the above coffee for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Review: Cherizena Banoffee Pie Coffee

  1. When I’m gainfully employed I always buy flavoured coffee myself. Creme Brulee is a nice one and I love the Hazelnut Cappuccino one, also French Vanilla. I’ve not tried a Banoffee one as yet as these days they’re only a treat I get with Christmas money so I stick with ones I KNOW I like. They do make a lovely difference and a tasty treat, though.
    I’ve also tried the syrups and to me they’re nowhere near as tasty as the pre-flavoured ones.

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