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Anyone that knows Hubby and I will know that we have a sweet tooth – or sweet teeth actually! If I tried hard enough I could probably live off sweets although it really wouldn’t be very good for me, so instead Hubby and I like to indulge in sweets as treats – Something in front of the TV or a bag of sweets on a long car journey. I have often thought of buying gift sweets for Hubby for special occasions and it was with this in mind that we were sent a Retro Sweets Hamper to review from Bah Humbugs.


I hadn’t heard of Bah Humbugs before but looking at their site and I definitely won’t forget them in a hurry! A huge selection of sweets from the retro to the traditional – Everything from Sherbet Fountains to Mint Imperials. Bah Humbugs also have a great selection of gifts – Hampers, Sweet Jars and Party Bags.

When the Bah Humbugs Retro Sweets Hamper arrived I was impressed with the weight – a whole kilogram of sweets! WHen looking online it stated a kilogram but it hadn’t occurred to me how much that actually was – It’s a whole heap of sweets! The packaging is simple yet effective, a good quality cardboard box with a Bah Humbugs cardboard sleeve around it – I wouldn’t be disappointed if I received it as a gift!

Retro Hamper

The Retro Sweets Hamper had a great selection of sweets in it although contents do vary – a Sherbet Fountain, Curly Wurly, Refreshers bar and sweets, bubble gum, lollies, double sherbet dip, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Parma Violets, chocolate mice, fizzy cola bottles…. The list goes on! Too many sweets to list but such a great selection! All our favourites were included and so many sweets that I remember from my 80’s childhood – Hubby and I love to reminisce and love looking back at anything 80’s or 90’s.


Overall the Retro Sweets Hamper would make a perfect gift or just something to keep at home to have a treat from every now and again. Bah Humbugs are definitely a great place to look for all things sweet related, offering a great selection at competitive prices.


The Retro Sweets Hamper is available from Bah Humbugs for Β£15.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

189 thoughts on “Review: Bah Humbugs Retro Sweets Shop

  1. Fabulous !! Though you can keep that nasty Anglo pink bubblegum and the Parma Violets…never got those at all. Sweets that taste of perfume !! Ewwww……

  2. It has to be the best of british for me .. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely giveaway xxx

  3. Candy Letters – I adore those, but to be honest I love all the sweets in the giveaway – Thank You πŸ™‚

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