Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

I love trying out new kitchen gadgets and Aldi sent us their Omelette Maker to review. I never even knew that omelette makers existed so I was looking forward to seeing how it worked and whether it would fill a gap in our kitchen gadget lives.

Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

The Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker is incredibly easy to use. You literally brush it with oil, plug it in and wait for it to heat up before filling with your favourite omelette mixture. The omelette maker comes with a handful of recipes to get you started but the basis is two eggs for each omelette you make – four eggs to fill the omelette maker, plus whatever ingredients you want to add.

Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

The omelette maker takes just a couple of minutes to heat up – with a light indicator on the top to let you know when it’s ready. Once the mixture is inside it takes roughly ten minutes for the omelettes to be cooked and as long as you oil the machine first the omelettes slide out without any problems once cooked – and look beautifully golden brown too.

Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

This is a great way of making healthy lunches and lunch tailored to anyone’s diet or appetite – you can make one or two omelettes at a time, can use low fat cooking spray instead of oil and can make vegetarian or meat filled omelettes. It really is a handy, simple to use machine that can revolutionise your lunch times.

The omelette maker can also be used to poach eggs but we haven’t used this facility, loving the omelette option too much! I love that I can make my lunch in less than 15 minutes and have ten minutes to potter around whilst it’s cooking, giving me a beautifully cooked omelette every time.

Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

The only downside to the omelette maker is that it is wipe clean only. You cannot take the plates off to clean them. However, we’ve been using a cloth to clean it and because the non-stick plates work so well, and we oil the plates each time we use it, it has been quite easy to clean.

Before Aldi introduced me to the Ambiano Omelette Maker I didn’t know it was even a thing. But, I love omelettes and just don’t eat them enough. They have now turned into my go-to quick and nutritious lunch. I cannot wait to try out more flavour combinations – and even add a side salad too!

The Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker has an RRP of £12.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Review: Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker

  1. Great Kitchen Tool.
    We’ve just had omelettes at my sister in laws today with this appliance.
    It was perfect did ours in 8 minutes.
    I am going to see if I can see if I can buy one in store.

  2. Just got this yesterday from Aldi (only £8.99, don’t you love a bargain)and yes it made lovely tasty omelettes. Not sure how I have gone through life without it lol.
    I love omelettes but hated the mess afterwards and could never turn them successfully in the frying pan.
    This makes it so much easier. Would definitely recommend

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