A Relaxed Lunch with Primula Dips

At this time of year I love eating outside and do it as often as possible. We’ll often have picnics – in the park or just the garden – when the weather’s nice and will have barbecues a couple of times a week throughout the summer. There’s nothing better than the sun on your face whilst you’re having an informal meal with friends, family or even just yourself.

I have been enjoying lunches in the garden recently and whilst the children sit at their picnic bench and eat lunch I’ll sit at our garden table, read some of my book and eat something simple. My current favourite thing being Primula Dips and crisps, tortilla chips or ryvita to dip in them.


There’s something so nice about dips – the relaxed feel, the timeless appeal and the ability to eat as little or as much as you like. They’re also so social and so versatile too – I’ve been dipping carrot sticks in too! I love that you can have dips for lunch, as a pre-dinner snack or in the evening whilst watching TV. They’re also one of my favourite things to have as part of a buffet at garden parties!

This time of year though I am definitely in a ‘dips in the sun’ mood. The garden table or just a picnic rug on the grass are the perfect ways to enjoy Primula Dips and whatever you choose to dip in them – along with some music, a glass of something refreshing and a good book.


Disclosure: We were sent Primula Dips for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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