Redhead Roundup – Food & Drink {January 2016}


Here are a few foodie products that the whole family have been enjoying this month:

Weight Watchers Indulgent Cookies

Over the last few weeks Hubby and I have enjoyed trying the new range of Indulgent Cookies from Weight Watchers. They come in boxes of ten cookies and look really expensive and good quality – not at all like a typical diet friendly snack.

Weight Watchers Biscuits

The cookies come in three flavours Spicy Stem Ginger and Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk, Fruit and Nut and Triple Nut. They had a really good amount of the flavourings in them and the chunks of chocolate could be easily seen. They not only tasted great but looked good too!

Weight Watchers Biscuits

Each cookie contains a maximum of 83 calories depending on the variety and although Weight Watchers branded they would work well in any lifestyle – the perfect alternative to other calorie filled cookies without compromising on flavour.


When I received an email about Kiddyum I was amazed that this hadn’t been thought of before – frozen meals for children. There are so many frozen adult ready meals around but I have never seen a frozen children’s meal before – until now.


Kiddyum have a range of five different children’s meals – Cheesy Peasy Pasta, Macaroni Bolognese, Cottage Pie, Fish & Veg Pie and Chicken Curry. They are all aimed at ages one to four and are perfect for nights when you get home late, need something quick and don’t have the time to cook.


Little Man tried the Cheesy Peasy Pasta which he devoured. He is a huge fan of cheese pasta and he really enjoyed this. My only criticism is that it’s very runny whereas I was expecting a thicker macaroni cheese type sauce.


LP enjoyed her Macaroni Bolognese although as well as a typical bolognese sauce it also includes a cheese sauce which makes it look rather unappetising and I’m not sure the cheese sauce is necessary. LP didn’t seem to mind and really enjoyed it.


The Kiddyum meals are a good portion size and cook in just five minutes and have no added salt or sugar as well as all natural ingredients. You can find Kiddyum meals in your local Sainsburys freezer section.

Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon is a new subscription service available in the UK although it’s already big in France. Le Petit Ballon send two bottles of wine to your door every month which have been carefully selected by Jean-Michel Deluc, former Sommelier Chef at the Ritz to match your taste in wine.


The bottles arrive well packaged and come complete with The Petit Ballon Gazette – a magazine that tells you everything there is to know about wine but without the waffle. The Petit Ballon website also has a lot of tips and wine tasting advice so that wine the subscription you don’t just get wine to drink but you can also educate yourself further about wines too.


Once a member of The Petit Ballon you are then able to buy wine from their website with a 20% discount – a great way of filling up your wine rack once you’ve already sampled the wine. The Petit Ballon subscription starts at £24.90 including delivery.

Mega Marshmallows

Marshmallows have long been a really lovely treat for me and when we were sent Mega Marshmallows to try I was pretty excited. Giant 5cm marshmallows that are only 84kcal!


These Mega Marshmallows are perfect for baking with and I am compiling a list of recipes to make with them – rocky road, s’mores, marshmallow frosting for cupcakes… The list is endless. But for now the children love them as dessert with a fork stuck in them for easier eating or an afternoon treat.


I also love them as a snack and with being so low in calories and fat free they are perfect whilst I’m doing Slimfast too – I love finding things under 100kcal to snack on as they work with the plan AND things like Mega Marshmallows feel like such a treat too. A really big 700g bag only costs £4.00 too!

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.

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