Redhead Roundup – Food & Drink {December 2015}


Here are a few food and drink products we’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks:

Heinz Chilli Sauces

Everyone loved Heinz Tomato Ketchup but there are some new kids on the block as far as Heinz sauces are concerned. Heinz have released a great range of Chilli Sauces that are perfect for anyone that loves that kick of spice in their food.


The Heinz Chilli Sauces come in Jerk BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Fiery Sriracha, Peri Peri and Hot Pepper varieties. Each of the flavours have a different intensity of chilli and we have been enjoying them as typical dipping sauces at meal times.


This lovely range of sauces would also work well as marinades – with dinner or on the barbecue over the summer. Hubby’s a huge fan of chilli sauces though so for now we will just keep dipping!


JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

We were sent a couple of jars of JimJams new Hazelnut Chocolate Spread to try and as we have no loyalty to any chocolate spread brand we thought this would be perfect for us – especially as this new variety has no added sugar and is completely gluten free too!


I have to say, as someone that often has gluten, I usually find that gluten free products are often tasteless or bland but that wasn’t the case with JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. It was rich and creamy, really chocolatey and the nutty taste came through well too.


The Hazelnut Chocolate Spread melts beautifully onto toast and gives a really even spread. It would also be great in cooking and I’m tempted to use it the next time I bake!

Very Lazy

I rave to everyone that will listen to me about the Very Lazy range of products. I used to spend so much time peeling and crushing garlic, peeling and chopping ginger and trying to do anything with chillies without rubbing my eyes. It was time consuming, tedious and a part of cooking I didn’t enjoy at all – until I discovered Very Lazy.


The Very Lazy range of garlic, chilli and ginger saves me so much time. I haven’t had to deal with fresh garlic or chillies in such a long time and the taste and textures of the Very Lazy varieties is pretty much the same as when we buy it fresh – there’s no difference to us – it’s just so much easier.

The Very Lazy garlic, chilli and ginger contain pre-prepared ingredients that are chopped and submerged in white wine vinegar to keep them fresh. When we cook we then use roughly a teaspoon of garlic per garlic clove in a recipe or the same for a whole chilli or inch of ginger. The products couldn’t be easier to use and they have helped me cut a corned in the kitchen without compromising on quality of the meal – and they’re not very expensive either!

Nell’s Dairy Milk

It will come as no surprise that we get through a lot of milk as a family. The children have it with breakfast and will usually have a drink of milk in the afternoons too. Little Man also asks for milk to drink often through the day and milk is one of his favourite things. On top of this, Hubby and I have a lot of milk in hot drinks, porridge and on cereal so between us we are constantly buying milk.


Nell’s Dairy got in touch to introduce us not only to their milk but also to their home delivery service – something I haven’t come across before aside from traditional milkmen and the services that have followed on from there.  Nell’s Dairy produce organic Guernsey milk in the heart of the Cotswolds – somewhere we have a fondness for after a recent stay there!


Not only do Nell’s Dairy offer a home delivery service but they have vending machines dotted around the Cotswolds. They also offer reusable glass bottles that are not only practical and well designed but also traditional and look lovely in our fridge!


We’ve been enjoying Nell’s Dairy milk over the last week or so and we all love it. It’s lovely and rich and creamy and goes perfectly with both cereal or in hot drinks. We’ll definitely be looking to buy Nell’s Dairy Guernsey milk in the future.

Beef Biltong and Beef Droewors

We were sent a couple of products to try from St Marcus Fine South African Foods. They sell a variety of cured meat products but have also branched out to sell a whole array of South African produce direct to the UK.

The Beef Biltong is purchased by the weight and can be sliced or left in whole pieces. You can also choose how hard you would like it and whether you would like it with fat on. It’s made from dried corn-fed beef steaks with added herbs and spices which create a high protein snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


We were also sent Beef Droewors which is corn-fed beef steaks, minced and mixed with pork as well as herbs and spices before drying. Beef Dorewors is another snack that can be eaten at any time. It’s high in protein and literally melts in your mouth.

St Marcus Fine South African Foods also sell a great range of fresh meat products and sausages, food cupboard ingredients, snacks and drinks. It’s the only place you’ll need for anything South African and you can guarantee the quality will be fantastic.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

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