Redhead Roundup – Cleaning products {September}


Here are a few of the cleaning products we’ve been using over the last few months:

LimeLite Active Gel

We’ve been using LimeLite Active Gel in our kitchen and bathroom for a few months now and haven’t looked back! You squeeze the neat LimeLite Active Gel onto the area you want to clean and it starts working immediately. For less stubborn area you can dilute it too. After a couple of minutes you rinse the gel off and your taps, plugholes or anywhere else will look good as new – our kitchen sink has never been so shiny!


Persil Spring Blossom Washing Up Liquid

I wasn’t sure what to think at Persil creating washing up liquid. I love them for laundry but I wasn’t so sure about cleaning my plates with it! But the Persil Spring Blossom Washing Up Liquid works well, gives a good amount of bubbles and smells lovely. It’s pretty much on a par with other branded washing up liquids we have used in the past.


Ecover Washing Up Liquid

I know, two washing up liquid reviews in one post? I wouldn’t usually do that BUT Ecover is amazing. Yep, amazing washing up liquid. Why is it amazing I hear you ask? Because it has literally lasted us months. You need the smallest of squirts in your washing up bowl to give the hugest amount of bubbles I have ever seen AND it gets the dishes really clean. Well, not dishes as they go in the dishwasher but all the other stuff we wash up by hand – the kids plastic plates, the bulky sections of the vegetable steamer and lots of other things!


Ecover cleans well, lasts a really long time and is good for your hands and the environment thanks to a whole host of plant based ingredients. As long as our supermarket sell it we won’t be buying any other washing up liquid!

Persil Small and Mighty

Now, I know most parents use Persil religiously from the moment they have a baby but I never have. I have used a 2 in 1 washing powder for the last 14+ years and I never thought I would switch to anything else. But I went to a Persil event over the summer and was given a bottle of Small and Mighty in my goodie bag. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I used it.


My first thoughts? That my clothes smelt like someone else’s. Yep, that smell when it just isn’t familiar and it’s like someone’s given you hand me downs. Not bad, just different. But, a few months on and we’re used to it. ALl of our clothes now smell of Persil and I am actually a convert.

We have bought a lot more bottles of Persil Small and Mighty since the first bottle and I love how little you need per wash, how long it lasts and how it takes up such less space in the cupboard than washing powder. It also gets my clothes really clean and smells nice. I love it.

Disclosure: We received some of the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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