Redhead Roundup – Books {October 2016}


The children love to read. Here are a few books we’ve been enjoying this month:

The Royal Rabbits of London

This book was a little grown up for LP and Little Man but they were happy for me to read it to them chapter by chapter over a few evenings and lazy afternoons. The Royal Rabbits of London follows the story of Shylo, the runt of the rabbit litter. He is constantly teased by his siblings because he isn’t as strong or brave as them. But when Shylo stumbles across a band of rats who are plotting against the Queen, it’s up to him to travel all the way to London to tell the Royal Rabbits about the rat’s plan!



The Royal Rabbits of London could easily be a new classic, presented in a beautiful hardback cover it’s a really lovely book for older children or even adults. It has a few pictures through the book and a really timeless feel to it. We really enjoyed reading this book as a family.


Eric Says Sorry

Eric Says Sorry is a really lovely story about children making mistakes and then owning up to them and trying to fix them the best they can. It’s set around Eric and his family who are really lovable characters and each page is full of beautiful illustrations.



The book is a really lovely story that really send messages across to children about doing the right thing but towards the end of the book it has quite strong religious references that I don’t think were necessary – as they were so out of the blue and unexpected. The story would have got the same point across without such a blunt Christian message.


Quack and Field Swimming

LP and Little Man really enjoyed Quack and Field Swimming. The book is full of really cut illustrations that the children really warmed to and introduced you to each of the animal characters. The story follows them preparing for a swimming race and the fun that’s had during and after the race.



The book is really engaging, with lots going on and lots of different size text all over the pages to keep the children entertained throughout.


Gordon’s Great Escape

We all loved Gordon’s Great Escape. It followed Gordon’s adventures, as a balloon, trying not to burst and getting up to all sorts – including rescuing his friends. It was written in rhyme which the children really enjoyed and the illustrations were fantastic, perfect for a fun, vibrant children’s book.



Gordon’s Great Escape was easily the children’s favourite book this month – both LP and Little Man really loved Gordon and they laughed and clapped throughout. A thoroughly lovely book.


Nightmare Before Christmas 20th Anniversary Edition

I remember watching the Nightmare Before Christmas movie when I was a child and it being so different to anything I had watched before. I actually found it vaguely terrifying but had never read the book so was interested to see what this updated, and rather beautiful, book would be like.



The Nightmare Before Christmas book is a really lovely hardback book with a slip case. It’s a book made to treasure and it’s even illustrated by Tim Burton, making it a rather special book indeed.


The children weren’t sure what to make of the book at first but with the rhymind text of the story they soon got into it. It talks about Halloweenland where Jack Skellington lives and Christmas Town, where Father Christmas is preparing for Christmas. It explores what would happen if they swapped worlds and although it’s a pretty dark story it also has a really fun feel to it, with amazing illustrations and something the whole family will love.


An Animal ABC

An Animal ABC is unlike any other ABC book I have read with the children. Each page is beautiful – with one page dedicated to a unique animal illustration and the other has the name of the animal, a fun sentence about it and then actual facts about the animal too.



But this book isn’t just Alligators, Bears and Cats. This book has Armadillos, Jack Rabbits and Moths. It has more unusual animals, explains their place in the world and their relationship to other breeds of animal. It’s a really fun but educational book and LP especially loved it.


Disclosure: We were sent the above books for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.

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