Redhead Roundup – Books and Magazines {July}


LP and Little Man love books and the amount of book reviews I have been doing have increased over the last few months so I’ve decided to do a monthly roundup of what we’ve been reading. Here are a few of our favourites from this month.

Mr Men in London – RRP £2.99

The latest Mr Men book, Mr Men in London, sees a lot of favourite Mr Men characters go on an adventure in London – by tube, car and boat! The Mr Men characters see many famous sights – Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and Tower of London to name a few and all show off the character traits that they are famous for.

LP loved seeing the Mr Men characters visiting things in London and she knew many of the sights in the book making it a really interactive read as she would point out so many things in the pictures.

The book is the standard Mr Men format and a great addition to the Mr Men book series.


The Giant of Jum – RRP £5.99

The Giant of Jum is a typical giant book – think Jack and the Beanstalk – with a child eating giant as the main character. The giant starts off as a scary oaf but ends up doing so many nice things that he turns out to be lovable and friendly – a character that grows on you through the book.


The illustrations in The Giant of Jum are beautiful and LP loved picking out things in the pictures – a ball, children and cake! LP loved the story and although she was scared about the prospect of the giant eating children she was glad that the book had a happy ending.

The Giant of Jum is different from any giant book we have read in the past and I loved reading it to LP. It will be a bedtime favourite in the future.


First Friends Magazine – RRP £2.99

We were sent First Friends Magazine and from the moment I opened the envelope I knew that it would be perfect for toddlers and preschoolers – full of easily recognisable characters and with a free tea set too. It looked like just the thing both LP and Little Man would enjoy.


First Friends Magazine has everything from colouring to stories, stickers and games. It is the perfect all round magazine for children and would be great for long car journeys, holidays or just a little treat.

The First friends Magazine also includes competitions and this edition has an Elmer Height Chart in it too. I have never seen such a jam packed magazine for preschoolers and LP absolutely loved it!


Jack and the Beanstalk – RRP £6.99

Jack and the Beanstalk tells the familiar much loved story of Jack and the Giant. This is one of LP’s favourite stories so when it arrived through the door she was really excited!


Each page of Jack and the Beanstalk has tabs to pull out of the sides of the page that have extra parts of the story on them and little pictures too, an addition that makes the book really interactive and manages to keep both LP and Little Man’s attention.


The Jack and the Beanstalk book has beautiful illustrations on each page with really vibrant colours. The pages are made of thick board making the book perfect for little hands and hard wearing too.


Red Car Blue Car Pop Up Book – RRP £6.99

Little Man is really starting to love books and the Little Tiger Press My Little World range are perfect for his age. The Red Car Blue Car book has a pop up vehicle on each page and teaches colours as well as teaching Little Man about cars, buses and aeroplanes.


Little Man loves being able to turn the pages himself as it’s a really well made book with thick card pages – a lot sturdier than most pop up books. It’s a really fun book as well as being educational and Little Man loves it although his sister is a big fan too. There’s something about pop up books that never fails to keep children entertained.

Heaven – RRP £6.99

Unlike other books I feature here, this one we bought quite a long time ago in preparation for teaching the children about death one day. I hoped we wouldn’t need it for a long time but when Luke died last month I thought it was time to dig it out.

Heaven talks about what happens when your pets die and it’s written in a way children will understand and it was a really good way for us to help LP to understand that Luke wasn’t coming back when we weren’t in the best frame of mind to be trying to explain it to her ourselves.

The book is funny yet poignant and talks about where things go when they die – obviously talking about heaven but really giving the idea that heaven is whatever the person wants it to be.


Disclosure: Most of the books above were provided for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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