Redhead Roundup – Books {August}


Here are a few things we have been reading and enjoying this month:

P is for Playdate and F is for First Words

This book looks like a children’s book but instead it’s A Modern Parent’s Guide to Surviving Your Child’s Social Life. It’s a beautiful book that reads like a children’s book with an A to Z of everything you need to know about playdates with top tips, recipes and more than a little humour. The book also includes a lot of playdate invites and thank you cards that can be taken from the book and used before and after playdates.


F is for First Words again looks like a children’s book but instead it’s A Modern Parent’s Journal. The idea behind it is that it’s a place to record all those things that your children say that you can’t bare to correct and that you want to save for years to come. LP at the moment says ‘school unicorn’ instead of uniform and insists that the Ninja Turtles are really Ginger Turtles – these are the things that will be going in my F is for First Words book. Both books would make wonderful gifts for parents of young children or even as new baby gifts.


How to be a Good Parent

This book is such a lovely, informative and true read. It’s compiled from parenting books written between 1908 and 1946 and talks about every aspect of parenting but the main emphasis being that, of all the leader roles in life, mothering is the most difficult.


It also explains that there are five guiding principles in parenting – love, patience, firmness, encouragement and explanation which I wholeheartedly agree with. Times have definitely changed since the start of the 20th century but parenting is pretty much the same and the basics will never change. My favourite quote from the book is ‘Love is the first essential and the last because it should be never failing’.

Monster Activity Pack

We were sent the Monster Activity Pack as our July Parragon Book Buddy review and the children have loved it. Both of them love monsters and so this was bound to be a winner from the start but it also contains for great activity books and a whole heap of stickers, enough to keep both LP and Little Man entertained for hours!


The books in the pack have everything from doodling to stickers, colouring to activities. This is a great set of activity books for preschool and older children and would make the perfect gift for a Birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. The books can also all be put back in the presentation box for easy storage and it’s held shut with velcro. All in all it’s a great set and one the children have already used loads – I’m sure it will be a fixture of our summer.


I Like To Squeak

Our latest read from Little Tiger Press is I Like to Squeak, a lift the flap book with a difference. Each page is dedicated to an animal and when you lift the flap the animal noise comes from the book – something LP wasn’t expecting when we started reading. The book is so well made that it is hardly noticeable that the book will make noises but such a lovely feature.


LP and Little Man both love this book and take it in turns to open the flaps, copying the noises as they turn the pages. It’s a great book to teach children about animals and the noises they make but it’s also great as a first reader book where we’re starting to teach LP words and the alphabet.


Art Therapy: Buddhism and Aztecs & Mayas

The two latest Art Therapy adult colouring books are beautiful – with hard covers and thick pages they would be perfect to keep once coloured in – or pages removed to frame on the wall. Each book has 100 designs to colour with incredibly intricate ones and some that are less involved.


Colouring in, even as an adult, is great for relaxing, relieving stress and a lovely hobby too. I love to sit and colour in front of the TV in the evening or whilst watching the children play in the garden and the Buddhism and Aztecs and Mayas books are perfect for this. The books will last years, even felt tip pens don’t go through the quality pages and the designs really capture your attention. Great books if you enjoy colouring as an adult.


Disclosure: We were sent the above books for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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