Redhead Roundup – Books {August 2016}


Here’s a few books we’ve been enjoying this month:

Where’s Spot?

I remember reading Where’s Spot? as a child and now the book has been re-released, along with a Spot the Dog website, so that a new generation of children can enjoy it too. The new Where’s Spot? book is just as I remember, looking for Spot all around the house and finding lots of different animal friends instead.


The children loved reading Where’s Spot? It’s a really lovely lift the flap book that helps them get involved with story time. They always take it in turns to read the flaps and LP is starting to recognise a lot of the words too.



Along with the new Where’s Spot? book there’s also a brand new Spot App too. The app, Spot on the Farm, lets you explore a farm with Spot, playing lots of games as you go.

The Lion Guard Magazine

LP and Little Man love the The Lion Guard TV show so they were really excited when they found out there was a The Lion Guard magazine too. The magazine came complete with a toy and puzzle, both in sealed packs so you had a surprise to see which ones you received with lots more to collect.



The magazine contains lots of stories, activities and colouring pages as well as stickers in the middle – Little Man’s favourite thing! There was enough to keep him entertained for quite a while and he loved seeing all of his favourite The Lion Guard characters throughout the magazine too. A really lovely magazine that I’m sure we’ll be buying again.



Can You Keep a Straight Face?

This is one of three flip and flap books that we were sent to review. Each page is brightly coloured with childlike illustrations that LP and Little Man could really relate to. Unlike typical lift the flap books, each page on Can You Keep a Straight Face? had tabs to pull, twist and turn, making one of the most interactive books the children have read in ages.



The pages on Can You Keep a Straight Face? each feature a face each have a different face on them that the children loved changing using the flip and flap aspects.


What’s Up?

What’s Up? is another in the flip and flap series of books with such beautiful illustrations and really thick, well made pages to keep the children flipping and flapping for ages.



Each of the pages has a different animal and shows what that animal does – from laying eggs to dancing! The book not only has so many fun interactive elements for the children but is also quite educational too and both LP and Little Man love to read all three books in the series, both independently and with Hubby and I.


This or that?

The last of the three flip and flap books is This or That? This book teaches the children about pairs and opposites with each page dedicated to things like the sun and moon or a chicken and egg.



Each page has a really lovely illustration and bright, bold colours. The children are able to use the flaps and different interactive aspects to go from showing one thing to showing it’s opposite. This book is fun, engaging and educational and both LP and Little Man really enjoy reading it.


Disclosure: We were sent the above books to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

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