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Little Man is starting preschool in September, his first experience of not just a school environment but childcare of any sort outside of family. It’s a really big thing for both him and us so I want to prepare him as well as possible.


Ready Steady School got in contact to introduce me to their boxes, which aim to give children a flying start as they start school and in the months and years that follow. They currently have two boxes – Starting School and Letters and Sounds – and they sent Little Man his very own personalised Starting School box to build on his basic skills as well as developing his confidence and independence.


The Starting School box contains so much – all in a really sturdy storage box to keep it all together when not in use. The kit comes complete with task cards which give ideas of activities to do using items within the box but also things you can do at home too.

There was a personalised wipe clean name card and a dry wipe pen that Little Man loved instantly. He knows the first letter of his name and can make it from Lego but hasn’t really practiced his writing skills much up until this point. The name card let him practice his writing and learn how to spell his name, something he really enjoyed.


One of the simplest things in the box that brought the most excitement to Little Man was actually the pencil case which has been designed to teach fastenings. It has a zip on the top and buttons on the side and although Little Man could do the zip and undo the buttons he can’t yet do buttons back up – this is a great tool for practicing that basic skill and one he’ll use when he starts school, especially when it comes to getting changed for PE lessons.

The pencil case came full of fun things for Little Man to use and be creative with – scissors, crayons and chalk. We were even given the option of left or right handed scissors – great for making the set relevant to any child.

I was surprised at how well Little Man could use the lacing shoe. He threaded the lace through the holes with ease and complained when he got to the end! This is great for building on fine motor skills and already Little Man is confident with fiddly things – small jigsaw pieces and anything else that needs a lot of patience and concentration.


One thing that Little Man has never really used properly is pegs – although he does love to pass me them when I’m hanging the washing out. Little Man loved trying to clip the peg onto his wellies and there was also a wooden figure to decorate so that Little Man knows which peg is his – we are saving this for a really nice rainy day activity.


Another activity was the dressing strip game, where Little Man could put clothes in order of how he gets dressed – from pants to trousers and a top. This was great for getting him to think about the order he does things in and he really enjoyed sticking the clothes in the right places. They come with velcro strips too so the game can be played over and over again.


The last item in the set was a messy mat for using playdoh on but could be good for any crafts or even as a place mat at meal times. It had lovely nursery rhymes on one side and Little Man really loved singing along with me.

As you can see, the Ready Steady School concept is perfect for any child starting school – or even preschool in Little Man’s case. The Letters and Phonics box would be great for any child of around LP’s age – in the first year or two of school and wanting to have a push on learning phonics. It’s the sort of thing LP would love as she is all about phonics at the moment.

The Starting School set has an RRP of £30.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

76 thoughts on “Review: Ready Steady School

  1. Definitely the dressing game – I think it’s really important for them to learn skills like that at a young age 🙂

  2. The letters and phonics box sounds really good. Getting used to which letters are associated with what sound would be a massive help.

  3. the wipe clean cards are great, we use alot of those types of things in our house for my daughter 🙂

  4. This is great- it is learning skills they would learn at reception class or even nursery but can start learning before they go- all will teach motor skills and concentration. A great box and well thought out .

  5. I think the way you can just wipe and start over as many times as you want is great for learning and ECO friendly too
    Perfect for my nephew starting school in September

  6. They look amazing! I love how they’re not all about learning to spell and count, but they help with their confidence too which is a big thing xx

  7. The wipe clean name card is really good as it will help them practise their name and get used to what their name looks like ready for school and where there locker is etc

  8. Little Miss Dauntless would be over the moon with this as she gets ready for the first day of school, coming up fast.

    And for me, well, if I squint, I can just about imagine it’s a pizza box….

  9. I love this idea, it would be perfect for Ava. I think teaching them to do up laces and buttons is a great idea. x

  10. The dressing strip game looks good for teaching children to put clothes on in order of how they get dressed.It teaches them coordination.

  11. I love the wipe clean name board, my daughter is just starting to show an interest in forming letters so to have her own name to trace over would be amazing!

  12. I think the whole box is wonderful but I think the pencil case that teaches how to do shoe laces and do up buttons is genius. My son is going into year 1 and would find this so beneficial.

  13. The dressing strip cards, what a brilliant idea, to get the children to stay focused, and know what’s coming next. Keeping it fun

  14. I love the look of the wipe clean name card and pen. My son can recognise his name but at the moment has only written the first 3 letters (7 letter name). This would help him no end. Great giveaway, thank you 🙂 x

  15. The wipe clean name card would really be the one my granddaughter would love. She can spell her name but wants to get her letters the same size so this would be perfect for practising.

  16. I like the idea of the wipe clean card and pen. When you are teaching your children to write/recognise their name, it will come in very useful. Thanks for the chance.

  17. The dressing chart looks great to me, my kids love and thrive on visual clues because they are both autistic

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