Review: Ravensburger My First Words Game

Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing some Ravensburger learning games – My First Clock and the ABC Game. This week we’ve been playing with the My First Words game.


The Ravensburger My First Words game is a jigsaw based word game where children take it in turns to take a piece of jigsaw to make a word. The words vary from 3 words and upwards which gives a great variety for all skill levels. Along with each word is a picture of the word too and each jigsaw piece has one letter on it.



LP loved guessing what the pictures were and putting the jigsaws together. As she’s not familiar with letters at the moment each time she put a jigsaw together we talked about the word and the letters that made up the word and I know in time this will be a great learning aspect for her – where she can find the next letter from the word rather than just looking at the pictures.


This may be one of LP’s favourite Ravensburger games so far – mainly because she can play it thoroughly just through the jigsaw aspect – she doesn’t feel like she can’t play it well enough or that she is too little to play it and I know that we’ll keep making the jigsaws in the game until she has learnt more about letters and we can play the game how it is meant to be played but for now LP loves playing it and that’s all that matters.

The Ravensburger First Words Game has an RRP of £6.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

One thought on “Review: Ravensburger My First Words Game

  1. This looks awesome! It’s a little too old for Ethan right now I think, but I will definitely be getting him something like this when he’s a little older than he is now. He’s really into puzzles at the moment! xx

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