Review: Ravensburger My First Clock Game

LP has loved playing with the learning games from Ravensburger and we were lucky enough to review the Ravensburger ABC game last month. Since then we’ve been trying out the My First Clock game and LP loves it- it’s her first real experience of telling the time.


The Ravensburger My First Clock Game comes with a lot of different cards featuring a clock face on one side and digital clocks on the other – each showing the same time but in AM and PM format. There’s also a large clock face with moving hands and LP loved this immediately – swirling the hands around.


The aim of the game is to move the hands on the clock to show the time that is on one of the cards. LP isn’t quite at the stage yet where she even understands times of day – she’s much better at knowing morning, afternoon and bedtime for example. But even so, she loved matching the numbers with those on the clock face and she enjoyed us showing her that 6pm is dinner time, 7pm is bath time and that kind of thing.


We found the My First Clock game a really good game for educating LP and we really enjoyed how interactive it is. With her starting preschool in September I know that we’ll be playing Ravensburger learning games a lot going forward.

Ravensburger My First Clock has an RRP of £9.24

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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