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LP is at the age now where she loves to play games – proper board games, rolling dice and moving pieces or collecting cards and taking turns. Because of this we have been looking for educational games that we can all play with LP and that will help her learn at the same time. Ravensburger recently sent us a selection of their educational games to try with LP and I was looking forward to playing them with her. I’ll be reviewing these games over the coming weeks and today we’re kicking off with the Ravensburger ABC Game.


The Ravensburger ABC Game consists of 26 pairs of cards that join together like jigsaws. All the pieces are made of thick card that isn’t easily damaged and are well cut, making the initial game set up straightforward. The cards are double sided with one side having a picture on one card and letter on the other and on the other side there are lowercase and uppercase letters.


There are a few ways of playing the ABC game but because of LP’s age and ability we chose the simplest of games where we lay out all of the picture cards and then picked a letter and asked LP which picture began with that letter. We told her the letters phonetically and as she gets older we’ll be able to just say the letter rather than the letter sound.


Straight away LP realised there were letters on the back of the pictures and started to play a matching game with the letter we were holding, turning over the pictures to find the matching letter. This shows how adaptable the game is and how it’s suited to children who learn in all different ways.

As LP gets older, and Little Man can join in too this can turn into a turn based game and we can move on to laying all the pieces out and letting LP match them herself. Each pair of puzzle pieces has a different shape puzzle cut to make the pieces only join to their matching piece, a great way for the child to know whether they are right in their choice of which cards go together.


LP loves playing this game. It’s well made with lovely illustrations on the cards. It’s a game I know that can grow with her as she learns.

The Ravensburger ABC Game has an RRP of £6.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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