Review: Quut Sand and Water Toys from Cheeky Rascals

The weather is definitely starting to get brighter and just a bit warmer so the children have been out in the garden a lot more and this week the sand and water tables have even been dusted off to be a fixture in the garden throughout the coming warmer months.

Cheeky Rascals sent us a couple of Quut Sand And Water Toys to review so rather than using them in the bath – like we’d usually review water based toys – we decided to make the most of the sand and water tables and take them outside with us.


The Quut Lily Bath Toy is made of three pieces, a blue base, pink flower and yellow centre. Each piece is made of good quality plastic and comes with a clear plastic cover to make storage and transportation as easy as possible.



The possibilities with this toy are endless – all three pieces, plus the lid, float well and the yellow centre part even doubles up as a sieve. Piecing the flower back together is a game in itself and it makes for great play in the water too.



The Quut Beach Sand Shaper comes as two separate plastic pieces, each piece is well made and moulded to make it easy for little hands to grip. The Sand Shaper features a fish and a boomerang shape that can be used to mould sand, mud or even playdoh!


LP loved filling up the shapes and seeing the fish appear but even more so she loved that the boomerang shape worked like a sieve too adding to the play value. These would also make great bath and water toys as they float well and sieves give an endless amount of enjoyment in the bath!

Both of the Quut Sand and Water Toys are made to last from really durable plastic and designed so they won’t break like other toys. LP and Little Man get through a lot of toys in the garden each summer but I am sure that these two products from Cheeky Rascals will still be played with year after year.


The Quut Lily Bath Toy has a RRP of £9.99 and the Quut Beach Sand Shaper has an RRP of £7.99 and both are available from Cheeky Rascals.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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