Review: Pourty Potty Training Products

Last summer, when Little Man was the same age LP was when we started potty training her, Pourty sent us their great range of potty training products to help Little Man on his way. However, all children are different and Little Man showed no interest in potty training at all. So we left it a while to do things in his own time.

However, since the products arrived LP has been making use of the Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer and Pourty Up Step. Although she has been dry during the day for over two years now, she is still so petite that a step really helps her use the toilet, and the Toilet Trainer stops her having to balance on the toilet seat, instead being able to sit comfortably.


When Little Man turned three he suddenly had an urge to be a big boy and so we thought it was the right time to try again with the Pourty Potty and start Little Man’s potty training journey.

Although reluctant at first, happier keeping his nappy on, he loved wearing pants and after the first day of a few accidents Little Man got used to not just going to the toilet whenever he wanted and holding it for a length of time. We would ask him regularly if he needed the toilet and we’d ask him to sit on the potty.

The Pourty Potty is really nicely moulded to make it comfortable for him to sit on. The raised front means that he doesn’t wee everywhere as there’s a barrier and the great design makes it easy to pour the contents straight down the toilet when he’s finished. It really couldn’t be any more well designed and Little Man has no issues using it.


When we’re downstairs he uses the potty but when we’re upstairs – first thing in the morning or at bedtime he will use the toilet. The Pourty Up Step grips well to the floor, stopping it from sliding around and both the children use it to clean their teeth or to turn the bathroom light on or off. I can see it being a feature in our bathroom long after potty training is finished!


The Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer is comfortable for Little Man to sit on and he loves putting it on and off the toilet himself too – it really makes him feel like a big boy! The raised section at the front again stops him weeing everywhere – a great feature!



Little Man is now dry through the day. He only has an accident very rarely and we are so proud of how well he has done and he now only wears nappies at night. I love that Pourty products have supported him with this transition and are the only things we have needed to get him from wearing nappies to pants.

The Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer has an RRP of £14.95, the Pourty Up Step has an RRP of £9.99 and the Pourty Potty has an RRP of £9.99.


Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

76 thoughts on “Review: Pourty Potty Training Products

  1. Try to start in the warmer Summer months when you can let your little one toddle about in their pull ups/pants and a top. During the Winter when they are dressed in trousers/tights, it is harder for them to pull them down when they need to use the potty.

  2. Best potty training tip – lots of praise and plenty of patience – It will happen when it happens x

  3. Wait until they are showing signs they are ready and be prepared for lots of accidents to start with

  4. wait until warmer days and let them decide when they want to do it- just supply a few potties in various locations !! no pressure, no hassling !

  5. Have the potty out from an early age in amongst the toys and then the child is used to it and not scared or overwhelmed when it comes to using it for potty training x

  6. Patience, dont start to early, wait till they are ready, otherwise it can become really stressful.

  7. View it as part of the child’s development, there will be a time when the child is ready. As child is becoming more independent, dress child in a manner which assists with the overall task or aim of easing child into toileting. Praise and Encouragement for the child is beneficial to the whole experience for child and parents.

  8. Watch for the signs and understand that every child is different – so if your first child was ready at 2 years, 1 month it doesn’t mean the second child will do the same.

  9. My best tip is to wait until they’re ready. Libby woke up one morning and decided she didn’t want to wear nappies anymore at the most inconvenient of times. But it went without a hitch, whereas when we’d tried earlier it was really tough because she wasn’t ready.
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  10. Go at your child’s pace and don’t comparing with others of same age
    If you stress too much your child feels it so relax it will happen eventually

  11. Put the potty in a place that your child can see early on so that they can start to get used to it without enforcing it.

  12. Have a potty in the house before you start to get your child used to seeing it and sitting on it

  13. I don’t have a tip because we’re having a terrible time with my niece.
    She was doing so well and has regressed for the last 6 months.
    If you can sneakily get her on the loo/potty then she is fine and happy and will pee, but if you ask her if she needs to go or she realises what you’re going there is all kinds of noooooooooo and squirming etc. She just won’t do it anymore 🙁
    I’m hoping that, if I win, a new pink potty might do the trick. She’s a girly girl and likes pink things.

  14. Pink pong ball down the toilet for boys 🙂 My son is so ready now so this would be fantastic 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance x

  15. take your time and try to use cotton pants as much as possible, my kids hated feeling wet and the pull ups whilst great when out and about, aren’t so great for making them realise they’ve ‘wet themselves’

  16. my best tip would be just go with how your child feels or when there ready, ive done that with both my children and never had to many accidents 🙂

  17. I found it easier to wait until my son was able to communicate enough with me to understand. This time i am doing the same

  18. I dont have one :-/. My son woke up one day and decided he didn’t want to wear nappies anymore(on the day we were set off on holiday, bad timing!) but he did fantastically! He taught himself. I keep trying with my daughter but she keeps having accidents and telling me “next week”.

  19. Follow their lead! Wait until they’re absolutely ready and then don’t ever make an issue out of it. Be patient and full of praise and it will all come right 🙂

  20. Ignore you mother in law/friends/relatives pressure. Wait until you and your child are really ready. It seems to be a bit of a competition to potty train and pressures from parents/in-laws can make you feel like you need to train before you as the parent actually feels is the right time.

  21. Let them choose their potty, their training seat and their ‘grown up’ clothing and tell them it’s all there whenever they are ready.

  22. i haven’t started potty training yet so this would be fab to win, loving all the comments to get some tips 🙂

  23. Patience is key, also having the potty in the room from a very young age, so that it isn’t a new or strange object. As soon as a baby can sit up unaided, there is no harm in placing them on a potty after feed for 5 minutes, this will get them used to sitting on the potty even if they don’t do anything on there. It prevents a fear building.

  24. Don’t rush just take it at your little ones pace. They will do it when they are ready. Try not to stress and compare your child to others. It’s a big deal to a child and they need to take time to adjust x

  25. regularly sit them on the potty even if they don’t feel they need to go so they can get used to it but don’t make a massive issue of it and stay calm and be patience x

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