Potty Training Update & Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Review

As you’ll already know we started potty training just over a week ago. I was apprehensive of potty training in general, didn’t think LP would deal with it very well and thought she was still too little to be using a toilet or even a potty.

Yet again, LP has amazed me. LP has dealt with potty training naturally and has coped with the transition of using a potty incredibly well. We are now on day 10 and we have had only a few accidents – less than one a day overall. We’ve had a couple of instances where LP has ‘leaked’ through holding wee in too long and a couple of times she’s started to do a poop and we’ve sat her on the potty just in time. We’ve also had times where she’s been engrossed in doing something, we’ve lost track of time and she’s wet herself or, just once, pooped in her knickers!

Oh the joy of potty training.

But I was expecting LP to wet herself multiple times every day – and this hasn’t happened. I also expected leaving the house to be a horrendous experience but we have been out twice now and both times LP has stayed dry in the car, stayed dry in the pushchair and during pit stops at cafes and coffee shops. The whole time she’s sat on a folded over towel in case of accidents – in the car, in the high chair and in the pushchair.

At home, LP plays as normal and we have our new Baby Bjorn Potty Chair sitting in the lounge. We had it for a couple of weeks prior to starting potty training so that LP could get used to it and it was her favourite place to sit and read or watch TV! LP loves the potty chair. We’ve found that when we go out we take a cheap, basic, plastic potty with us and LP hates it – it’s incredibly low to the ground, not very deep so not very comfortable and obviously not a natural sitting position for her. At home, the Potty Chair has a high back, arm rests and is overall the right height for LP to sit on. She uses the Potty Chair a lot more easily than the basic potty when we’re out and about and almost enjoys going to the toilet at home.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

The one thing we’ve found quite difficult with potty training is having an upstairs toilet. Teaching LP to use the actual toilet will be an adventure! For now, she uses the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair downstairs and we then remove the middle insert and take it upstairs to empty. This is definitely a lot easier to move and clean than a basic potty. We also find that the Potty Chair has really good grip on the bottom of it – it doesn’t move when LP sits on it where other potties have slid backwards as she’s gone to sit on them.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair   Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

For now LP is wearing nappies for her naps and at night time although most nap time nappies are dry when we get her up in the afternoon. We’re planning on getting LP consistently accident free during the day before we even contemplate stopping nappies at sleep times – we’ll take her lead and only stop nappies at sleep times when she’s dry through the nap times and night times for an extended period.

Potty training, like moving from a cot to a bed, is something that I really shouldn’t have worried so much about. LP continues to surprise us and takes changes in her life completely in her stride!

Watch this space for future potty training updates!

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Disclosure: We were sent the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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