Review: Potty Training with Thomas

We are in the process of potty training Little Man and looking for anything that can make the process fun and exciting for him – the way it should be. Egmont sent us their Thomas & Friends My Thomas Potty Book as well as their Thomas & Friends Well Done Thomas Activity Book. They both arrived at just the right time with Little Man keen to ditch the nappies and wear big boy pants instead!


The Thomas & Friends My Thomas Potty Book explains about potties, toilet seats, steps and pants in a way that even Little Man, at two and a half, can understand. With the help of the book he told me he’d like a blue potty and green Thomas pants – both of which we luckily have! It has clear images explaining to sit on a potty and a reward chart and stickers to give Little Man something to aim for each time he uses the toilet or potty.

The Thomas & Friends Well Done Thomas Activity Book can be used to help reward children for any activities but is perfect for potty training. It includes many stickers, certificates and reward charts as well as activities for Little Man and it’s something we’ll be using as he gets to grips with the logistics of using a potty.


Potty training can be such a daunting thing but I think that getting your child excited about the prospect of growing up, using the toilet and wearing lovely new pants can really help to make it a positive experience and with the help of books like these the potty training journey can be fun for everyone!


Disclosure: We were sent the above books for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

68 thoughts on “Review: Potty Training with Thomas

  1. Try to start potty training during the Summer when you can let you little one roam around in just hertraining pants and a tee – when they need to ue the potty, they will find it easier to pull down just their training pants than tights/trousers too!

  2. I had a special book that my eldest could only have in the toilet while potty training. Also stickers on his shirt every time he used the potty worked well. I’m about to start with my youngest and this book would be perfect as he’s Thomas mad.

  3. don’t push them they will do it in their own time and gets lots of jogging bottoms and loose shorts they are perfect for your little one to learn x

  4. Wait until they are ready, go straight into pants I only use the Pull ups when we are out and about in the house in pants only!!!!

  5. Definitely wait until they are showing signs they’re ready. And don’t make too big a deal of it as it may put them off.

  6. I don’t know what the best tips are as I’m about to start potty training my first child but the advice I have been given is to wait until they are ready

  7. we have a potty in each room. (from pound shop) no matter which room she is in, there is always one close to hand to prevent rushing and panicing. and fewer accidents

  8. Don’t rush them, they will do it in their own currently in the process of potty training my twin boys, one is doing great and the other is not ready yet

  9. Stay patient and go at your child’s pace. It’s not easy when it’s taking a long time, but it will happen (eventually).

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