Polar Loop 2 and Heart Rate Sensor Giveaway

After using the Polar Loop 2 and Heart Rate Sensor for a few months we have teamed up with Polar to give away a set to one lucky reader.

The Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker is a funky looking watch type device that tracks your fitness and gives you daily goals. Once you have created an account on the website you synch the Polar Loop 2 to your smart phone and from there it tracks how active you are. The Polar Loop 2 also works alongside other compatible apps – like MyFitnessPal – so that your whole healthy lifestyle and fitness can be linked to give you the best all round healthy life.

A New Active Lifestyle - Polar Loop 2

I wear my Polar Loop 2 each day and I have definitely been inspired to move more by using it. The Polar Loop 2 is great for anyone wanting to increase their fitness levels. It fits pretty effortlessly into any lifestyle and being able to connect it to other apps makes it really versatile too.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize bundle worth over £150 just complete one or more entries on the rafflecopter below. Good luck! (Colours may vary)

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Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

125 thoughts on “Polar Loop 2 and Heart Rate Sensor Giveaway

  1. with a young baby i think this may help to improve my fitness again and help with my sleep patterns as my little one gets better at sleeping

  2. The Polar Loop 2 would be ideal for me and my lifestyle, as it is unobtrusive, is constantly there watching over me, and has my best interests ‘at heart’. Because it’s like having your very own guardian angel on your wrist.

  3. The vast array of Fitness Trackers is overwhelming, great to see an indepth review of how useful a particular brand is to an everyday family. I started exercising 6 weeks ago following an injury so I think it would be a great motivator and would help me to keep my heart rate in the right zone! ie not omg I think I’m going to die level!

  4. I would wear it all day every day to see what effect cycling to/from work and using stairs has and to motivate me to walk more quickly

  5. It’d be like an angel sitting on my shoulder encouraging me to walk the dogs for longer, do an extra set of weights at the gym and move more about the office

  6. The sleep function would be fantastic as I have terrible nights and I could assess my actual sleep with this. What a fantastic prize!

  7. The Polar Loop would fit perfectly into my lifestyle as I work out every morning for at least 35 minutes and up to 90 minutes, depending on my workout schedule.

  8. I have noticed a lot of people post pictures of these on Instagram so i am very intrigued by them! I dod workout dvds at home and am so curious how many calories i am burning plus i use My Fitness Pal everyday so this would be perfect in helping me tie it all together! Like you, the cutting the strap would scare me! xx

  9. I walk as much as I can. At 66, I need to be as mobile as possible and I do this by walking as much as possible. This would be a boon and a motivator.

  10. this would certainly help me keep track of whether I’m doing enough exercise! I’m pretty sure I don’t do enough!!

  11. I would love to win this for my 18 year old daughter who has heart problems but also likes to exercise which is a real worry for me so this would be a great way for her to keep an eye on her heart rate and ease my worry a little. Thanks for the chance x

  12. It would help me become more active, sometimes I don’t have time to work out, this would help me get more active, so I can do simple things like walk instead of taking the car or pop out for 10 mins for a little walk when I have time.

  13. I’d love to find out how many calories I burn at work: running up and down stairs, heaving demo stock around for the next exhibition, and going to and from the warehouse next door.

  14. It wouldn’t fit in to mine as I have chronic health conditions but I would love to win it for my daughter who is a fitness fanatic and would love this!

  15. It’d be great as I would want to exercise more and it would help with my eating as I can connect it to myfitnesspal!

  16. It would keep me motivated, i tend to have slumps where I just sit about on the couch after a productive morning.

  17. well i’m planning on getting back into jogging so this would be great for keeping an eye on health things

  18. It would fit in perfectly because over the last few months i have taken to exercising a lot more and i would love to be able to monitor how much i am doing

  19. It would help me keep track of my fitness levels and set new goals to achieve
    Having a pice of tech this good would motivate me to continually monitor what I’m doing so no room to ignore and say I’ll do it tomorrow
    Best feature is the sleep monitor as I don’t feel I sleep well and this would help me pinpoint areas I need to look at and modify
    The polar fleece would change my life for the better

  20. I don’t drive so am curious to measure my steps every day then set myself some new targets each week. It is discrete so I could wear it all the time.

  21. I think it would fit into my lifestyle really well. The sleep tracker would be really useful, and I already use MyFitnessPal so I love the fact they are compatible and can be linked 🙂

  22. It would fit in brilliantly, after initial set up it would just work quietly in the background for me until I have a spare five minutes to check the data. Perfect!

  23. I would give it to my husband so he realises just how much energy he’s burning on his bike rides. He’s lost a lot of weight recently (not that he needed to) and I think he’s too skinny now. This would help me prove my point that he’s not eating enough!

  24. I’m currently aiming to get fit enough to trek the Great Wall of China next year in aid of Marie Curie. This would help me keep track of my progress, as well as being a fabulous incentive to work harder.

  25. I have just been told by my physio that I can start walking again, so this would help me keep track of my progress.

  26. The polar loop would be invaluable at tracking my level of physical exercise and to monitor my sleeping patterns( which leave a lot to be desired!)

  27. I’d love to be able to monitor my new fitness regime, it might even encourage me to stick to it this time!

  28. It would easily fit into my lifestyle replacing my old polar f7 watch this is even better as a tracker and hrm combined

  29. It would definitely give me more confidence to get out and about more to get fit as I could keep track of my fitness levels and hopefully see the improvement, which will also motivate me to carry on 🙂 The heart rate monitor would also give me peace of mind <3

  30. Wouldn’t be much good for me, stupid MS means I know I’m not very active, but my partner would love it. She loves to work out, use exercise bike and treadmill, but she’s not so good at sleeping. Would help to keep track.

  31. oh really well i would love one as i really want to get fit and into shape
    with this i would take longer dog walks and extra exercise and i cankeep track
    on how well am doing x

  32. It would not only help me keep getting fitter but also my four kids as it means o will be happier and healthier and around for them longer.

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