Review: Pip Ahoy Toy Range

LP and Little Man had recently started watching Pip Ahoy when we were offered the Pip Ahoy toy range to review. The children love toys that show their favourite TV characters and that compliment the shows so I thought they’d enjoy playing with the new range of toys from John Adams.


The Pip Ahoy Bubble Train is a main train engine with two carriages that attach. It comes with Mr Morris the train driver and as the train is moved along the bubbles in the funnel move up and down as well as the seats in the carriages making passengers bob along. This would be a great toy to have in addition to others in the Pip Ahoy range as having more characters would really add to the play value.



Little Man loves this train although he finds it frustrating how easily the carriages separate from each other. If would be great if they were a bit sturdier once attached and if it was easier to put people in the train – having to push the characters into little pegs isn’t easy for small hands.


LP loved the Lighthouse Playset immediately. It comes with a picnic table Pip character and boat, making a really lovely set. The actual lighthouse has a lift which Pip, or other characters, can ride up in as well as a landing station for the boat. The boat can also be used in water making this a really versatile toy.


Although fairly basic the toy really does compliment the show and and it’s great to watch LP acting our scenes from the show using the lighthouse and boat. Again, it could be easier to put the characters in position rather than trying to line up a little peg with their feet but LP doesn’t seem to mind.


One thing that both LP and Little Man love is the Talking Pip Plush who has to be one of the bubbliest and friendliest interactive soft toys I have ever come across. He’s so true to his cartoon character, sounds just like him and says many phrases from the show.


The Talking Pip Plush just wants to be friends with everyone, play with everyone and make everyone happy and LP and Little Man really love doing what he says – ‘Let’s play Pirates!’ is a favourite!


Little Man has taken ownership of the Skipper’s Bucket Tug Boat, a really lovely boat that can be used in and out of water. The boat comes complete with the Skipper and has a cute life buoy that you can pull the boat along with or use to save other characters from the sea.



Little Man loves pulling the boat along and making it rock as it moves on it’s wheels. The boat has space for another character to be put on board and it’s a great toy to use alongside the other Pip Ahoy toys from the range.


Lastly, cuddly soft toys of Pip and Alba are available and LP loves her new Alba cuddly. Complete with backpack just like on the show, Alba makes a perfect soft toy companion for any little fan of the show.



The Pip Ahoy toys are a great collection and all work really well together. The characters can be used with any of the toy range and these would be great gifts for any fan of the show.

Disclosure: We were sent the above toys for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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