Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Giveaway!


I know it’s only the start of November but I am definitely going full steam ahead with everything Christmas related – buying and planning presents, organising our Christmas plans and even ordering the food. One thing that most homes are starting to think about is buying a Christmas tree and if you have a real tree every year you should really take a look at Pines and Needles.


Pines and Needles have a Christmas tree delivery service of the most beautiful trees – they look so much fuller than the ones I usually see at the local garden centre and have such a great range too – as well as being non-drop! – that’s without mentioning their premier delivery service too!

Every Pines and Needles tree is delivered as fresh as it can be with new stock being added every seven days and each tree hand picked for the customer – if a tree isn’t fresh they won’t sell it and will instead recycle it. They also plant new trees for every one that they sell. In London trees are delivered by Pines and Needles but they also offer a Nationwide delivery service and if you don’t like the tree that’s delivered they’ll be happy to swap it for another.


Pines and Needles even have a tree decorating service and can also remove and recycle your tree after Christmas too. I have never heard of such a comprehensive Christmas Tree service but now that I have I wouldn’t buy a real Christmas tree from anywhere else.


I have teamed up with Pines and Needles to give away a beautiful Christmas tree to one lucky reader. If you would like your very own 6ft real Christmas tree with stand, delivered to your door, just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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256 thoughts on “Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Giveaway!

  1. We live in a small flat, so we don’t have much to decorate, but we have a tiny tree. Would really love something larger for the corner. I’d love buy more ornaments, to make it look more christmassy in our place πŸ™‚

  2. We put our decorations up on the closest Sunday to the 1st December. Our tree is always colour coordinated – this year it will be red and gold!

  3. We have a 6ft artificial tree which we totally cover in baubles and lights, no tinsel and a few little things. We also have a few outdoor lights.

  4. I start decorating with advent calendars – for everyone including pets. I always have a tree and loads of lights – on the tree, up the stairs and over the pictures. The light up Santa and reindeer go in the garden.

  5. We usually put off decorating for three weeks or so until my daughter just can’t be dissuaded any more and then we all spend about six hours as a family putting up the tree and decorations and taking them down, re-arranging them and putting the up again.

  6. Plenty of baubles,tinsel and lights,you can’t beat it on a Christmas tree,together with some old decorations from my childhood

  7. How do i usually decorate for Christmas? With a mix of decorations acquired over the years from anywhere I visit……sometimes I look at the beautifully co-ordinated trees and wonder if I should start again, but I love my tree covered in many happy memories.

  8. We usually have a tree, candles and lots of festive textiles – cloths, runners, cushions etc but this year we’ll be away for Christmas so we might not do as much

  9. Tinsel everywhere, cards put on the walls in shape of trees. This year there will lots of homemade decorations made by my grandson. We put the tree up on 1st December ?

  10. Wow their trees look amazingly full, so tough to find a good looking tree in the past but I have a feeling I need look no further in future!

  11. For the last three years it’s been the same fake tree with warm white lights pre-strung (unevenly grrrr) and red and gold small baubles. I really fancy a change at this point!

  12. We have paper chains, I really like the retro look, but we have a tradition that every year my 3 children buy a new ornament for our tree, so everything is different & the best thing is, they remember which ones are theirs (my eldest is 13, so there are quite a few dec’s already!!!)

  13. We put a tree up and put a garland on the mantlepiece which I decorate with hand made embroidered decorations and tiny fairy lights.

  14. I like wooden decorations around the house, and then gold and cream added to it and the same for the tree too with pretty pinecones and fairy lights xx

  15. Well I’ve never had a real tree before so that would be a first! We’re putting lights up outside for the first time this year too πŸ™‚ xx

  16. We always have a real tree and our decoration theme is white, silver & blue. Choosing a tree is always a real nightmare but I think this company is definitely worth a look, thanks πŸ™‚

  17. With memories! Decorations we’ve picked up on our holidays and ‘adventures’, some we’ve made ourselves, and a photo-bauble for every year we’ve been together <3 x

  18. Lovely tree with lots of tinsel silvers and golds and lights and icicles outside. And always a nativity by the fire, a wreath and an advent candle with other decorations around the house x

  19. I like to keep the decorations traditional. Holly wreath, garland decorated with twinkling lights, red berries and pine cones

  20. Our tree is dark chocolate brown, creams and golds and we usually put lots of fairy lights on the stairs and in the kitchen

  21. We all decorate together – old traditional decorations. And then when everyone goes to bed I
    adjust it to my way – do not think anyone has ever noticed the change

  22. first weekend in december our tree goes up and we have lots of colours on our tree some made when our children were at school

  23. Not much over the last few years due to commitments etc. Maybe this year will put up some bright decorations for Christmas, as became Engaged this year, and he is kind and will assist with Christmas preparations etc.

  24. I decorate with the hubby (we don’t have kids yet), we always have to get a few more tree decorations down as the dog has a habit of pinching them! I like to go for traditional/homely themes and like to make my own decorations as well! I get excited about Christmas really early and the hubby swears I have Christmas Elf in my blood (doesn’t help I am short with pointy ears). It’s just my favourite time of year!

  25. I was born in Germany where Christmas is a big deal. I’ve always used beautiful intricate wooden decorations rather than baubles.

  26. We start decorating Thanksgiving week! Our tree is Disney themed with red, green and gold ribbons and ornaments. Our family loves Christmas!

  27. I love Christmas decorations so much that they actually never get taken down in between! I have a little artificial tree in the lounge and one in the dining room, and at least 3 rooms of the house have 4 sets of fairy lights each! I’d absolutely adore a real tree!

  28. We have a family decorating day. Once I have the lights on the tree the children have free reign to decorate it with the baubles and beads however they wish. I love how they organise the jobs and get the look they want – I would rather have a messy tree they love and are proud of than a perfect tree. ?

  29. we decorate just downstairs (apart from stockings on the ends of the beds) quite traditionally…. reds, golds and greens πŸ™‚

  30. We go to town! Lots of decs collected over the years (no particular theme or colour apart from we love them all), lovely decorated tree, a green home-made swag over the mirror, one along the lounge wall, another up the stair banister – all hand made and added to over the years by our children and now our grandchildren. Various bits and pieces collected here and there for many years, and now the whole collection growing each year with the help of our little granddaughters who are so excited as they are both Christmas babies too.

  31. I love lights, my windows are always lit up at Christmas, I decorate the tree with an array of colours and of course lights, then I add Christmassy bits all through the house, I really love Christmas


  33. It varies how I decorate at Christmas – the last couple of years we have decorated the tree in glittery bronzes, pewter and golds but might go more traditional this year, I can’t decide! I also love lots of Christmas decorations up elsewhere in the home – especially anything with fairy lights! My children both have a little 3ft tree each in their bedrooms, which they decorate with cute traditional decorations πŸ™‚

  34. We don’t have a specific theme or colour anymore as we’ve now got lots of special well to us decorations so the tree gets decorated filled with them

  35. Multicoloured ensemble for us, really need to get some new decorations! Would settle for the bare tree if the man in the kilt stood beside it all day though!

  36. Gold and red balls , bows and more on the tre. Ceiling decorations. The finishing touches made by the Grandchildren – good old fashioned paper chains and baloons

  37. Ours is normally red gold and subtle and every year I let the children choose and buy an ornament each to go on the tree

  38. Ours is normally red gold and subtle and every year I let the children choose and buy an ornament each to go on the tree

  39. I just get the tree decorating stuff down and then vomit them on to the tree.. all different things all over the place.. there is no right or wrong way to do it, just chuck it up there and make it pretty!

  40. I throw as much as I can at the entire house, some of my nearest and dearest might say I go slightly overboard. I love love love Christmas but I’ve never had a real tree! Xx

  41. lots of glitz and sparkle. usually red and gold theme with white lights. Usually we have a fake tree but my fiance really wants a real one this year and this service sounds amazing would love to win πŸ™‚

  42. Normally have silver, pink and purple decorations on the tree then some bigger ornaments around the house (strictly no tinsel!)

  43. I tend to switch between real and fake, last year we had a fake as money was tight, but the year before we had a real one, I love a real tree and would love a real tree this year also

  44. We have a tree and ceiling decorations this year we are in our new home and have a bay window and are sticking some snowflakes in the window make it nice and cosy πŸ™‚

  45. Our theme is gold mostly, at it matches our living room and dining room. We do put up lights in the windows and have a lot of decorations to put out!

  46. My little one wants to decorate everything with tinsel and baubles. I suspect we’ll be a very sparkly house this year!

  47. I have the same tree and same decorations that I have put up for years. Gradually the decorations have become less and less as the odd one breaks each year. This year I think I will have to buy a new set of decorations.

  48. We don’t usually decorate at all as we are away with family for christmas, my parents love a big tree though and a 6 footer would be perfect for them. In terms of their tree it is a mis-match of various decorations, mainly ones we made through the years as kids. We have one decoration that my sister made when she was 1, it is a glittered circle from an apple box and has lasted 34 years

  49. I usually let my daughter put as many colourful baubles and decorations on as she wants, I get to choose the lights though, red berries!

  50. We have tons of tree decorations I have collected over the years and usually do a colour scheme for the tree but this year we have a 6 month old baby so it’s going to be as colourful as possible with lots of eye catching decorations and hanging ornaments for him to look at. Think I’m going to go old school and hang ceiling decorations like we had in the 80’s!

  51. I start the first weekend in December and have a bit of everything, I like a big tree full of lights, tinsel and baubles. All walls have something decorative on them and trimmings on the ceiling.

  52. Glass of wine, some christmassy tunes playing (or the Muppet Christmas Carol on TV!) and all adding the little extras to make it special! Every year we get a new Disney ornament to put on the tree as well πŸ™‚ The collection would look amazing on this tree!

  53. We decorate every room downstairs and use the same decorations we have had for over 45 years! The grandchildren now help us and know where every little item goes.

  54. Pinks, purple, gold, copper, warm white lights, lots of fir wreaths. No tinsel on the tree, and a home made angel for the top. Thank you!

  55. We have a tree BUT expecting to have moved house by this Christmas I threw our artificial tree away with a view to having a real one in our new home. Unfortunately we are still here in our old home!

  56. I don’t usually have a tree for christmas because we all go over to my parents for christmas , however this year I am hosting so my plan is to invite my niece and nephew over to help me decorate my tree and hopefully start a new tradition.

  57. we have a colour theme each year, but there is always a couple of tree decorations that must go on the tree, they are from my great great gran.

  58. We have a white 6ft artificial tree which we decorate with pink and purple baubles and lights we have no tinsel , hubby doesn’t like the tree so this year i am going for a real tree as never had one

  59. Whatever the kids decide to chuck at the tree (sneakily tidied up by me once they’ve gone to bed)!

    We normally have an artificial tree, but I’m very tempted by the idea of having a real one delivered this year and taken away and recycled afterwards. Looks like a good service!

  60. We normally keep things quite simple and our colour scheme is gold.
    I’d love to do more, but don’t know where to start!

    @Cloudyskies29 on twitter

  61. My tree contains every home made ornament since my children were at nursery and some o my own home made ones too so its very eclectic!!

  62. Our decorations are pretty old and quite ropey! We could really do with some new ones this year rather than the usual odds and ends we dig out!

  63. A tree with baubles from my childhood and my children’s on is the centrepiece. As some of the baubles are quite fragile and we have a boxroom the decorations stay on and the tree is wrapped up in a sheet the rest of the year. My Dad bought a set of lights for my 1st Xmas in 1947 and we used them until about 5 years ago, Managed to find a new set that would take the nursery rhyme shades and the third generation (my grandchildren) are now enjoying them. πŸ™‚

  64. I have two trees; a prelit one in the back room that I only put candy canes on and one in the front room that me and my brother decorate.

    All picture frames/mirrors etc will have tinsel hung on them and we put lights up around the living room (still up from our first christmas in the house 4 years ago! Never bothered to take them down!)

  65. we always have a real tree and the children basically decorate it – so there’s always loads of different coloured baubles which have been collected over the years. Lashings of tinsel. and a tatty old loved fairy which goes on the top. We also used to have mini crackers and chocolate baubles but my foster daughter won’t leave them alone so we don’t have them any more

  66. Our tree is decorated in reds and golds with a few personalised decorations. Last year for the first time my son and I made paper chains to hang. Was so much fun.

  67. i have a large tree in the lounge, decorated in red and gold and a smaller tree in the dining room decorated in all colours, i have lots of lights outside and inside and plan to get another tree to go in the front porch this year as we have only had it built recently

  68. I go over the top big time and it get worse every year, but I love it! I love the look on peoples faces when I open the front door and they’re greeted with my winter wonderland hallway

  69. We are decorations obsessed in our little house! We only have a 2 bed with six of us, but we still have a Christmas tree in every room, we decorate every room, and light up the whole house as best we can, because we adore the festive season! This is a great giveaway, thank-you! x

  70. We’ve had our current decorations for 7 years, it’s always been cream and gold to match our home, but this is our first christmas on our new home and we’ve changed it up to silver and gold, we probably go over the top with the Christmas decorations but it’s the most beautiful time of the year πŸ™‚

  71. with my daughter, we move baubles around, new and old until we get them just right, decorating a tree is a work of art, but we’ve never had a real tree to decorate! Thank you for the opportunity x

  72. Mine is very unique, a mix and match of my children’s home made ornaments, decorations from my own childhood and new things we’ve bought as a family.

  73. We have lots of lights, ceiling decorations, wreaths and the tree is decorated in red and gold. I change colours every year.

  74. To get the house ready for the Christmas decs to go up we have Christmas songs playing. while my hubby is up the ladder putting the lights outside the children and I are arguing over where the decorations for the tree should go and then trying to stop my toddler from wrapping herself up in the tinsel and every year i mumble to myself why didn’t i do it while they are at school but then i realise it really would’t be that fun.

  75. At work, I go for cheap, tacky, and volume.

    At home, I try to use things I truly find beautiful, or have sentimental value.

  76. We have one of those artificial trees with fibre optic lights on the tips that change colour. I also usually insist on getting a small real tree because I love the smell. Would be amazing to win this lovely large tree. We have some decorations that have been in the family for years and then usually buy a few new things.

  77. We normally have an artificial tree and have always wanted a ‘live’ one. We always like gold and silver decorations.

  78. I love mint green and violet on my main tree but on one of my other I do red and gold. My trees are my Christmas. I speed hours just looking at them. I’ve always wanted a real one especially to bring the spruce smell to my house

  79. I love traditional decorations in red and green. Every year I buy a new decoration and they usually have a memory of an event or a person. My daughters love decorating the tree and discussing the decorations. We have added white feathers this year as we lost my 99 year old Grandma????

  80. we have 4 cats and a dog – we decorate very very very carefully lol. We put fairy lights around the high up shelves where they cant get batted or chewed. Our main focus is on the tree which normally sits on top of our hand made elephant table. We decorate it with loads of ornaments from all over the world and tonnes of lights and we have beads (no tinsel cos of the animals) It sits in the corner so the lights reflect more.
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  81. With chain decorations from the ceiling, a few ornaments and a lovely tree with baubles and a new decoration each year, which I love buying. Only found out last week that my husband has thrown out our old tree and we have to search for a new one for the fairy that goes on top!

  82. I love having lots of lights πŸ™‚ and homemade decorations with the kids (which there will be lots this year as my children are a little bit older!)

  83. We have some beautiful tree decorations that we have collected over the years from our travels. Every year they take pride of place on our tree and also bring back many happy memories πŸ™‚

  84. We decorate our artificial tree (which my husband hates) all silvery and white. My husband would love it if we won a real tree!

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