Review: Pampers Baby Dry have changed our lives!

This may seem like an exaggeration but it really isn’t.

4 months ago, when Little Man was 5 months, his nappies started leaking without fail every night. Not just a small damp patch but a soaking wet baby and soaking sleeping bag leading to a very awake baby in the early hours of the morning and two frustrated parents.

These nightly leaks continued for literally months whilst I tried every other brand of nappies I could think of. We’d been using Huggies that I’d stockpiled when they stopped being sold in the UK last year and I decided to try all the own brand nappies that I could find yet I still had a soaking wet baby only 8 or 9 hours into the night. Nappies are meant to last all night and had always lasted all night with LP. I was getting to the end of my tether.

Then Pampers responded to my plea for help on Twitter. In all honesty I’d been resistant to try Pampers. Every since having LP in 2011 I had stayed away from Pampers because I saw the price and automatically thought how expensive they seemed to be compared to other nappy brands. Pampers gave me the opportunity to try their Baby Dry nappies – Which aim to give 12 hours of overnight dryness. After 3 months of nightly leaks I was prepared to try anything and was thankful when the nappies arrived!

We started using Pampers Baby Dry with LM at night a month ago and our lives have honestly changed. We have had very occasional leaky nappies within the month on nights where Little Man has been in his room for longer than 12 hours – Very rare indeed as usually we’re awake and downstairs 11 hours after he went to bed!

Other than those rare exceptions Little Man has had very full but not leaking nappies every night for the last month. I no longer have to wash a sleeping bad every single day! Pampers have saved our frustrations and made our night times that much easier – Little Man is also sleeping longer as he isn’t disturbed by his leaking nappy! The whole house is happy!

We’ve also found Pampers Baby Dry to be a lot stretchier and generally better fitting than other brands and I have already stocked up on more – Pampers may be more expensive than other brands but if you have to change them less often and they save you a huge amount of washing, wet bed sheets and give you all extra sleep then it’s money well spent!


Disclosure: We were sent Pampers Baby Dry to help our leaky nappy situation. I wasn’t asked to write a review but thought I’d share how much of a change Pampers have been for us. All opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Review: Pampers Baby Dry have changed our lives!

  1. We had exactly the same problem with own brands, and ever since the change to pampers her sleeping has been vastly improved!!! Id always heard own brands were great, but I guess every baby is different and if paying more means happier baby and more sleep for me-im in!!! Her nursery use biodegradable ones plus lotion and wool, im interested to see how she goes with them x

  2. We’ve been sent vouchers from Pampers as a goodwill gesture for parents of multiples. This has helped me make up my mind on which ones to get. We normally get own brand due to cost so will be interesting to see the difference x
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  3. We fell into the marketing trap when we tried pampers, having received a couple of samples in the good old Bounty pack. Then we fell further when we used the accompanying money off coupons… But I’ve got to say that I’m so glad we fell into the trap. I wouldn’t use anything else. When hubby suggested we try own brand beacuade of cost, I poo-pooed him (pun intended) and said absolutely not! I can count on one hand the leakages we had. Pampers rock! When you get them at offer time, it’s not so bad…
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