Packing Our Holiday Reading with Ladybird

Little Man and LP absolutely love reading and so whenever we go away, in the UK or abroad, we pick up some books to take away with us. It’s a bit of a tradition and a little extra holiday treat for our two little bookworms.

This year though, to celebrate our first family holiday abroad, LP and Little Man have been sent a set of books to enjoy from Ladybird featuring some of their favourite characters. The Hey Duggee and Go Jetters books were an immediate hit and so we had a read before packing them to take away with us!


Hey Duggee: A Day at the Beach is a really lovely picture book which also has a really lovely story. There’s just enough text on each page to keep the children entertained but the main focus for both LP and Little Man were the beautiful illustrations – featuring all the familiar Hey Duggee characters.


A Day at the Beach introduces you to the Hey Duggee cast – so it’s perfect for children who haven’t yet seen Hey Duggee. It then explores everything that you can do at the beach – from digging holes to making sandcastles and also shares some of the creatures that you can find on the beach.


At the end of the book there are activities that children can do on the beach and once they’ve completed them all they can earn their very own Sandcastle Badge – as a big part of the Hey Duggee appeal are the badges that can be won. This makes this book perfect for taking to the beach – at home or abroad.

Hey Duggee: Dugee’s Nature Activity Book is packed full of things to do outside – and this can be literally anywhere from the park to your garden at home. It has activities like finding leaves from different trees, painting pebbles and even having a snail race!


This book is so lovely and durable that it would last the whole summer of activities and even includes cardboard pages that you can cut out to make your very own cress heads of Hey Duggee characters. This is something I know the children will love to do when we’re back home after our holidays.

Go Jetters: Summer at Stonehenge is such a fun book that doesn’t just teach children about stonehenge but also includes space travel and the futuristic appeal of the Go Jetters. I loved visiting stonehenge as a child and it’s somewhere we drive past quite often so the children really enjoyed this book, loving that it was about somewhere they were already familiar with.



Our favourite books as a family are the ones that teach the children something but make it easy and engaging – the books that make learning fun and Go Jetters: Summer at Stonehenge is just that kind of book. The children loved that they already knew the characters but it would be great for any child – whether they’re already familiar with the Go Jetters or not.


Go Jetters: Passport to Adventure is a really good quality sticker and activity book. The pages are full of things to do, games to play, things to read as well as places to stick the good amount of stickers supplied in the book.


This sort of book keeps LP and Little Man entertained for hours – perfect for long car journeys and we’ll be taking this one on our flight this summer. Even after all the pages have been drawn on, written on and had stickers stuck on them the book has got enough to read and keep the children entertained long after that activities are complete.



Disclosure: We were sent the above books to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

68 thoughts on “Packing Our Holiday Reading with Ladybird

  1. Hey Duggee: Dugee’s Nature Activity Book would be my fav as our little Grandson adores Hey Duggee

  2. there are so many to choose from, how is it possible?!! think the sticker books would be appreciated xx

  3. Peter and Jane was always my favourite growing up and I was lucky enough to get hold of a set at a car boot a few years ago which I’m currently reading with my little boy. Some of the content is very old hat but that just makes them even more fun…brings back the memories. x

  4. Over the years there have been so many great Ladybirds books, I loved “The Three Billy Goat Gruffs” can still hear my dads voice

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